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Some dogs, such as border collies and Jack Russell terriers, make great pets but require daily exercise to rid them of excessive energy.


If you live in an apartment community or have a small backyard, you may need to exercise your lively dog at a nearby dog park. Fortunately, dog parks are plentiful in Portland, a city known for its local culture and miles of green space. See below for our picks for the best in the area.

Chimney Park

What: This five-acre, fenced-in park is less crowded in the middle of the week, if you want an opportunity for your pup to burn off a lot of energy in a wide-open space. Chimney Park is well maintained and general clean, though it is nearly 20 minutes out of the city. Make sure you bring water along for your dog, as there are bowls to pour it in but no water source.

Where: 9360 N. Columbia Blvd., Portland, OR 97255

Arbor Lodge Park

What: If you take your dog to Arbor Lodge Park and happen to be caught in a sudden downpour or spring storm, you’re in luck, as the many trees provide both shade and rain protection. This off-leash dog park can become quite crowded when the weather is great, but the crowds generally make park-goers feel safe, even at night.

Where: N Bryant St. & N Delaware Ave., Portland, OR 97217

Wallace Park

What: Mostly a neighborhood park, Wallace Park also has a fenced, off-leash dog park with bark chips and lots of trees for shade.  Bring your own bags and water, as this park does not provide them.

Where: NW 25th Ave. & Raleigh St., Portland, OR 97210

Woodstock Park

What: You can typically hear live music while your dog roams free at this open, off-leash area. Dog potty bags are available sometimes, but it’s best to bring your own, as well as water.  Local musicians frequently practice in the area, so if your dog is spooked by spontaneous sounds, this park may not be for you, but if you want to hear acoustic tunes while your dog runs off energy, you will love Woodstock Park.

Where: SE 47th Ave. & Steele St., Portland, OR 97206

Normandale Park

What: Large and small dogs can roam separately at Normandale Park, which has bark chips and sand as opposed to grass and dirt, so dogs come back less muddy. Big dogs have enough room to “go deep” when fetching, and small dog meet-up groups happen frequently at the park. However, you might want to bring a bag to put poop bags in, as trash cans are frequently full in this park.

Where: NE 57th Ave. & Halsey St., Portland, OR 97255

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Sergey Nivens

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