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Apartment living often gets a bad rap. We’re taking a look at some common objections to apartment life that may actually be advantages, depending on how you look at them!

If thoughts about living in an apartment leave you perplexed, read on while we knock down some common apartment living reservations, one by one, and see how apartment living can be the perfect option.

“There’s too many people…”
One common complaint about apartment life is that there’s too many people living too close together. While it may be true that hundreds of folks could be living together in the same community, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Consider the unique advantages this type of community living can provide.

The sense of community that apartment living provides can be truly beneficial. If you find a good mix of people who enjoy a similar lifestyle, you just might discover opportunities to make new friends and connections. You might befriend a trustworthy neighbor who would keep an eye on your apartment when you travel, for instance. Even if your apartment community doesn’t become the epicenter of your social life, being surrounded by so many people puts you in a position to be social.

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“It’s not a great value for the money…”
Another of the most common apartment concerns you’ll hear is that renting makes less financial sense than buying a home. While renting versus buying is an individual choice and there are many factors that determine which one is more affordable, renting can often be a very good choice for your checkbook. Here’s why:

Maintenance is included. When you buy a home, you’re on the hook for all maintenance concerns — everything from changing out old lightbulbs to replacing a broken water heater. All of those costs add up. Real estate experts estimate that yearly home maintenance costs typically equal one to four percent of a home’s value. On a $100,000 home, that’s $1,000 to $4,000 — a big chunk of change you don’t have to worry about when you rent.

No additional fees. Homeowners are typically required to pay fees to live in their communities. These fees are called homeowner’s association (HOA) fees. HOAs may cover a variety of costs like landscaping for the grounds of a community or insurance for a pool, for example. These fees are paid in addition to the mortgage. With apartment living, typically, there are no such fees — everything’s included!

Amenities are the standard. Speaking of pools, those usually come right along with apartment community living — as do gyms, clubhouses and the use of other amenities like barbeque pits, playgrounds and dog parks. These are nice perks, the cost of which is already included in monthly rent.

Flexibility. Is your living situation in flux? Do you need a temporary living option? Apartment life can often be the financially safe move as it affords renters flexibility. True, you may have to pay a fee to break a lease, but you don’t have to worry about selling a home when you choose to move.

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When you consider the perks of apartment living, renting can truly be a great financial deal for many people.

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“It’s too drab…”
If you like to decorate, you might feel like an apartment doesn’t allow the opportunity to design a space the way you wish. Consider, however, that there are plenty of creative apartment decorating ideas that can allow you to infuse your own personality into a space. You may not be able to knock down walls, but those types of renovations are expensive. You can make plenty of temporary changes to an apartment that are both affordable and impactful.

In the end, apartment living really is what you make it. For those who take advantage of everything this unique living situation affords, rather than being complex, apartment living can offer a simply ideal living arrangement.

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