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Jewelry display ideas for apartments

Long necklaces, long earrings, studs, rings, bracelets and bangles…oh my! How do you organize your jewelry? Do you dump it all in a drawer or hang your necklaces around a door handle? Do you often lose one earring in a pair? We have a few suggestions for not only organizing your jewelry but also putting it on display. Below are a few unique do-it-yourself and repurposing projects to properly display (and show off) your beautiful jewelry.

Is your jewelry jumbled in a pile? Use our ideas to properly display (and show off) your jewelry.
Is your jewelry jumbled in a pile? Use our ideas to properly display (and show off) your jewelry.

Cheese Grater

Sounds strange, doesn’t it? This one is rather simple, but it’s an easy and unique way to display your earrings. You can make it your own by spray painting the grater with a color that goes well with your décor. First, spray paint the grater with a primer. Once it is completely dry, cover the grater with a color of spray paint that you like. Let that coat dry, and if needed, add an additional coat of spray paint. Use the holes to display your earrings.

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This one is simple, and you can use supplies you may already have around your apartment. First, head outdoors and search for a small branch. Next, hammer smaller nails into the branch on the same side. To attach to your wall, hammer two larger, stronger nails into the wall, and prop the branch on the nails. Next, hang your necklaces from the nails on the branch.


To continue the theme of repurposing old items, enter the garden rake. Living in an apartment means not having to worry about raking leaves in the fall. So repurpose that old rake and turn it into a jewelry holder. Take a head of an old rake and clean it off. If you’re feeling spontaneous, prime and spray paint the rake to match your décor. Next, tie jute twine around the top part of the rake for extra earring storage. Mount the rake head with a screw onto the door of your closet or on the wall. Use this to hang your necklaces.


Craft stores, antique markets and stores like Anthropologie all have collections of old door knobs, drawer knobs and drawer pulls. Install small knobs on the wall to hang your necklaces and bracelets. Select three or five different knobs that go with your décor to display your jewelry. Drawer pulls are perfect for rings and earrings.

Picture Frames

You have several options to display your jewelry using picture frames. One way to display your earrings is to attach picture wire to the back of a frame. Use an old frame, if possible, and repaint it with acrylic or spray paint. Attach picture hanging wire to the back of the frame with a staple gun. If you don’t have a staple gun, use small thumb tacks. Repeat this step several times until your frame is filled up. Space the rows about 2.25 inches apart. Place this on top of a dresser, chest of drawers or your bathroom counter.

Another option is to attach a peg board to the frame. Prime and spray the picture frame to match your décor. Next, attach a peg board to the inside of the frame with Gorilla glue, and apply some weight. If you want the peg board to be a different color, paint it before attaching it to the frame. Then, attach small accessories to the peg board, such as baskets and hangers. The baskets are useful for rings, bracelets and stud earrings. Use the hangers to display your necklaces.

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