Dry wreath with purple crocus flower
Give your apartment a rustic but chic look with these DIY rustic decor ideas.

Look up and around. What do you see? Is it a plain white wall or one that resembles everyone else’s home? If you’re looking for a way to create a focal point using one of the walls in your space or you just need that “wow” factor, you have a lot of different options, including painting, creating a gallery wall or using a large painting to take up space.

However, your lease agreement may not allow you to paint or poke holes all over your walls, and you may not be ready to commit to anything long-term. A simple way to add character to your walls is by creating a few simple DIY rustic pieces that will be what all of your guests are talking about. Read on for a few tips.

Reclaimed Wood Sign – LOVE
This statement piece is perfect for over the couch. You’ll need:
4 4 x 8 Furring Strips (cut into 4-foot strips)
3 Birch Board Project Sticks
Gorilla Wood Glue
Nails and Drywall Screws
Wood Stain (of your choice)
Acrylic Paint (of your choice) and Paint Brush

First, line your strips down. Attach the birch project sticks to the wood strips using the wood glue. Then, nail the sticks to the board. Once the sticks are attached, flip the boards over and put a few coats of the wood stain on it. Allow it to dry. For this step, you can use a stencil if you want to. Using acrylic paint, paint a word that covers the board. Our example is to write, “LOVE” on it in a bold color that will match your décor. Once dry, use 2 ½ inch drywall screws to hang the sign on the wall.

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Framed Nature
This decorative piece is simple, inexpensive and beautiful.
A 12 x 16 frame
Spray Paint (of your choice and black)
Staple Gun

This is the perfect project if you have an old frame lying around the house. Take that frame and spray paint it using a brushed metallic paint. Once dry, flip it over. Now for the fun part; head out to your yard and grab a handful of small sticks. Make sure they are long enough to cover the length of the frame. Spray paint the sticks black and then lay them evenly on the back of the frame. Once they’re in place, use the clippers to trim the sticks to fit the frame. Next, use the staple gun to hold the sticks in place. Flip it over, and voila. This is the perfect addition to a bookshelf.

New Take on the Gallery Wall
If you’re looking to create a gallery wall but want a unique take on it, use this idea. Modify it to match your décor style. You will need:
Old Window Frame (can be found at antique shops)
Scrapbook Paper

Measure the size of each window pane and print out pictures to fit accordingly. Determine if you want the window frame to go horizontal or vertical to figure out which photos will fit best. Next, if you want a distressed look, use your own distressing technique – this could include sanding, repainting and sanding again. On the back of the window panes, adhere the photos using clear tape. If the photos don’t exactly fit in the frame, use fun scrapbook paper to cover up the empty spots. Feel free to add embellishments, such as felt flowers and jewels. For a larger space, create three similar pieces to hang on your wall.



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