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Valentine's Day can be just as much fun with kiddos around as it is for couples! The holiday is about more than just chocolate and candy– it's all about loving one another and showing kindness to your roommates, children, pets, friends, significant other— whoever!

Spending an afternoon making Valentine's Day crafts and cards with your kids is a great time to talk to them about the holiday– plus, the kids will love getting creative and putting their own mark on their valentines. If you and your kids are planning on making some imaginative DIY valentines this year, take a look at these fun ideas:

Stamped Cards

Some construction paper, paint and homemade stamps are all you need to get started on these simple DIY valentines. First, gather red and pink construction paper, and fold it into cards. Have your kids write their messages so you can stamp around them.

There are a few different ways you can make stamps. The first method is by using celery to create flower stamps. Cut off the base of a celery stalk so that the pieces of celery are all an even length.

Dip the cut end into paint, and then press it onto paper– the celery pieces will create the shape of a rose! Just paint some leaves and stems free-hand, and your rose will be complete.

Or, you can use a potato and carefully slice out a shape using cookie cutters or a knife. Potatoes make excellent stamps and they're easy to clean off.

Your kiddos can even use their own hands to create Valentine's Day hearts. Have them make a fist with one hand, and brush paint over the side. When they press their fist onto paper, the curve of the pinky and hand will create half of a heart. Do the same with the other hand to complete the adorable stamp!

Cupcake Liner Crafts

Decorative cupcake liners can be used in various ways to create 3D DIY valentines your kids can pass out at school or to family members. One easy craft kids can make uses cupcake liners and a lollipop to create a pretty Valentine's Day flower.

Poke holes in the center of several different cupcake liners, and thread three or four onto the stick of a lollipop or Tootsie Pop. The candy will be the middle of the flower, surrounded by cupcake liner petals!

Sewn Heart Cards

For this easy craft, gather some red or pink yarn, a large needle and construction paper. Fold a piece of construction paper in half and lightly sketch a heart onto the front of the card.

Help your kids use the needle and yarn to make stitches around the edge of the heart, then from side to side until the shape is filled in completely.

Heart-Shaped Candy Pockets

DIY valentines are even better if they have a sweet surprise inside. Help your kids cut hearts out of several pieces of construction paper, making sure the hearts are all a consistent size and shape.

Use two hearts to create a pocket by putting one on top of the other and stapling up the sides– leave the top open. Then, decorate the front of the card however you wish, fill the pocket with candy and finish stapling the top of the heart.

3D Photo Cards

For these creative cards, first take pictures of your children with their hands extended toward the camera in sideways fists. Print several copies of the pictures. On each copy, cut tiny slits on the top and bottom of your kids' fists.

Then, thread a lollipop through the slits so it looks like your kids are holding them. It'll seem like the kiddos are handing the candy to whoever the card is for!




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