For a quick cabinet fix, experiment with different knobs and pulls.
For a quick cabinet fix, experiment with different knobs and pulls.
For a quick cabinet fix, experiment with different knobs and pulls.

Even though we’re getting closer to spring cleaning, no need to toss things out and buy new replacements.

With a little elbow grease and some inventive TLC, you can have the items in your apartment or home looking like new, without spending a lot to do so.

Cabinet Couture
Perhaps nothing takes more abuse in your kitchen than your cabinets. All it takes is a fresh coat of paint to make them like new again. Update your kitchen’s look just by removing the cabinet doors and repainting them. For easy-to-reach cabinets, create additional functionality by painting one of the doors with chalkboard or dry erase board paint, turning it into a handy space for jotting notes and grocery lists. Change out the handles and hinges to something more modern, or add a touch of vintage charm. Stores like Anthropologie offer drawer pulls and knobs of all shapes, sizes and price points, so pick a decor style and experiment.

Freshen Up Those Kicks
If you have a worn, dirty pair of sneakers lying around, don’t toss them in the garbage; give them a makeover. Bleach and a toothbrush will make the whitewalls look like new. Replace the laces and insoles if needed. If the exterior soles are hanging open and flopping around, super glue or an automotive adhesive will put them in their place.

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Love Your Loveseat
For an inexpensive update, consider decking out your outdated sofa with a vibrant slipcover. Adding a few decorative throw pillows can breathe new life into an old chair or loveseat. You might be surprised how this simple DIY fix can create a whole new look for your room.

Deal With Baggage
Our luggage gets a lot of wear and tear from moving, vacationing and business travel, so it’s good to give suitcases and travel bags some attention once in a while. Torn exteriors can be glued down with vinyl cement (for vinyl luggage) or fabric glue (for fabric luggage). Loose interior linings can be glued back with fabric glue. For leather luggage, use rubber cement or a vinyl acetate adhesive. Scuffed leather can be buffed out using a matching leather polish. Even the wheels can be repaired with a little ingenuity.

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