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Easter is a time when we can celebrate religious holidays or just the beauty of spring and nature. Whichever way you choose to celebrate, you'll definitely need some decor (along with delicious candy)!

Here are some adorable DIY Easter decorations to help you get ready this spring.

1. Paper nest

paper nest

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

These paper nests are an easy craft that take only minutes to make. You can use whatever color paper you'd like and even incorporate paper with fun designs on them. If you're into recycling, these nests can be a great way to use up some of your old newspapers and magazines.

  • Start by shredding your paper in a paper shredder or cutting it into small strips.
  • Once that's done, blow up a balloon to be as wide as you'd like your nest.
  • Mix together one part decoupage finish and one part water.
  • Paint the top half of the balloon (opposite of where it's tied) with the decoupage mixture.
  • Layer strips of paper over the balloon until the painted area is completely covered.
  • Continue painting the layers of paper with decoupage mixture and adding paper until it's the size you'd like.
  • Let it dry for 12 hours, then pop the balloon to reveal your nest!
  • Fill them up with decorated eggs or candies.


2. Crepe paper egg wreath

crepe paper egg wreath

Photo courtesy of The House That Lars Built

A wreath this cute and unique is hard to find in stores.

  • Start by getting a wire wreath (any size) and enough papier mache eggs (any size works – you can also mix various sizes) to cover the wreath.
  • Cut different shades of crepe paper into strips that are one centimeter wide and 6 inches long.
  • Completely cover each egg with crepe paper strips, using hot glue to secure the ends of the strips to the eggs.
  • Once all eggs are covered, hot glue them to the wire wreath until it's covered.
  • Wrap some six-inch floral wires in green crepe paper and form leaves on the ends.
  • Twist three to five together into a group and glue it onto the wreath in the open spaces between eggs.
  • Adjust the leaves to your liking and hang the wreath for everyone to admire!

3. Egg flower vases

egg flower vases

Photo courtesy of Craftberry Bush

An egg vase is such a simple and chic way to combine the fun of Easter with the beauty of nature.

  • Poke a small hole at the top of an egg and slowly continue poking away at it until the opening is big enough for you to empty out the yolk and whites (about 1/2 inch should be enough).
  • Use hot glue to secure the egg upright onto the surface of your choice, like a festive tea saucer or small piece of flat wood.
  • Just fill the egg with water and add a small flower or two!
  • Dye the eggs before you open them if you want colors and designs

4. Egg ornaments

egg ornaments

Photo courtesy of The Life of Jennifer Dawn

You can hang these on a tree or combine a few to make a garland that spans your fireplace mantle. They're an easy and budget-friendly way to invite the Easter spirit into your apartment.

  • Start by cutting out four identical eggs on sheets of paper. You can use a different color and pattern for each or use all the same, it's up to you!
  • Fold each egg in half vertically.
  • Paint a thin layer of glue along one half of one egg, then match it up with half of another egg and press firmly to secure them together.
  • Repeat the process for the other two eggs so you have two identical pieces (when attached together, these two pieces will make up one egg).
  • Attach a piece of string into the center of one half of the ornament, then apply glue to one half of the egg then attach it to the other half, covering the string in the center.
  • Tie the top of the string into a loop and hang it up!
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