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Denver schools

Unlike some of the other cities in our series, Denver's best schools are spread all over town, relatively speaking. Compared to most large cities, Denver is much less geographically defined. The best schools can be found everywhere, except for a bald patch around Sherrelwood and Commerce City.

Overall, slightly better schools are to be found in the southern parts of Denver. To help figure out which specific properties give the best value, we'll use average property rent and school ratings throughout Denver and identify our picks for each grade level.

best schools Denver
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Viewing school ratings by neighborhood allows us to find the areas with superb overall schools, rather than just identifying one-off instances of an individually exemplary school. Denver has a  2-way tie for top neighborhood between Foxridge and Homestead in the Willows, both of which are found right next to each other in the south-central area of Denver.

best neighborhoods denver
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Neighborhood Rank Neighborhood Neighborhood City and State Avg. School Rating
1 Foxridge Centennial, CO 9.3
2 Homestead in the Willows Englewood, CO 9.3
3 Southwest Denver Lakewood, CO 8.7
4 Stapleton Denver, CO 8.7
5 Stony Creek Littleton, CO 8.7
6 Arvada Plaza Area Wheat Ridge, CO 8.3
7 Willow Run Broomfield, CO 8.3
8 Inverness Englewood, CO 8.0
9 Park Hill Denver, CO 8.0
10 Westridge Highlands Ranch, CO 7.7

Denver area apartments near great schools

Having looked at the best overall neighborhoods, we now try to find the best individual properties near the best schools at the elementary, middle and high school level. Click on any location circle in our interactive maps to pull up info on properties for that location.

Elementary Schools

best value apartments elementary schools denver
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Value Rank Property Name Avg. Rent Avg. School Rating
1 Golden Arms $1,100 8.0
2 Buchtel Park $1,260 9.0
3 The Wesley Apartments $1,325 9.0
4 The Villas at Homestead $1,516 10.0
5 Vistas at Stony Creek $1,407 9.0
6 Avery Park Apartment Homes $1,423 9.0
7 Sonoma Resort $1,646 10.0
8 Villas on 76th $1,154 7.0
9 Girard at Cherry Hills $1,690 10.0
10 Copper Terrace $1,720 10.0

Middle Schools

apartments near best middle schools denver
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Value Rank Property Name Avg. Rent Avg. School Rating
1 Glen at the Park $1,192 9.0
2 The Pines $1,077 8.0
3 Union Square $1,228 8.0
4 Vistas at Stony Creek $1,407 9.0
5 Golden Arms $1,100 7.0
6 Avery Park Apartment Homes $1,423 9.0
7 Ralston Park $1,280 8.0
8 The Helix Apartments $1,443 9.0
9 Pembrooke on the Green $1,283 8.0
10 Westridge Apartments $1,456 9.0

High Schools

best value apartments near high schools denver
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Value Rank Property Name Avg. Rent Avg. School Rating
1 The Pines $1,077 7.0
2 Golden Arms $1,100 7.0
3 Avery Park Apartment Homes $1,423 9.0
4 The Helix Apartments $1,443 9.0
5 Advenir at Saddle Rock Apartments $1,345 8.0
6 The Villas at Homestead $1,516 9.0
7 Cottonwood Place $1,195 7.0
8 Hilltop Park Apartments $1,195 7.0
9 Union Square $1,228 7.0
10 Vistas at Stony Creek $1,407 8.0
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