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No matter where you are, you need books to decorate the room and relax you if you indulge in reading them. Books make guests feel instantly at home and entertain the home owner as well.


For any room of the house, you’ll find a book storage solution with the decorative bookshelf suggestions for every room, listed below.

Master Bedroom

In your bedroom, consider short bookshelves that can double as inexpensive nightstands, especially if you and your spouse like to read.

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Guest Bedroom

Whether or not you have a TV in the guest room, keep your guests entertained after they turn in for the night or before the house gets up in the morning by providing them with a bookshelf filled with interesting, classic reads or funny short stories.

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Living Room

In the room where most are likely to gather and watch television, opt for a bookshelf that doubles as a media console. If money is no option, find an all-inclusive media suite for bookds, DVDs, CDs, cable boxes, etc.

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Storage is key in your cooking space. Any mechanism that will allow you to store away large pots, heavy cookbooks, teapots, canisters, measuring cups and mixing bowls will be ideal.

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These rooms usually have the least space, so take advantage of over-the-toilet shelves, available at most mass merchant stores, or a storage cart, which could be wheeled into a nearby closet if space was too cramped.

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In the office, the room where you’re likely to have the most reading materials, consider a sturdy, detailed wood wall bookcase that features cubby holes and just begs for attractive old textbooks and uncovered vintage books to be displayed.

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Right when you walk through the door, you'll need a dedicated spot to stash your keys, gloves, scarves or mail without blocking any of the entrance

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