fairy lights mantle 260p

The mantle is a prime place to display fairy lights.

Fairy lights evoke many things for many people. Whether it’s illuminating a Christmas tree or adding light to a wedding reception, they can be the perfect way to create a magical atmosphere in just about any space. They also happen to be cheap and easy to transport, making them the perfect addition to the decor in any apartment.

If you’re struggling to add light to a space, fairy lights can really help to brighten up a dark corner or room. Here are nine creative ways to use fairy lights in decorating an apartment.

1. On the Mantel

This is the most common use for fairy lights in a non-holiday setting. Adding a few strings of fairy lights can really add another dimension to the candles and photos that usually grace a fireplace, and they’ll also add light to the entire room.

2. On the Bed Frame

bed frame

Whether your bed frame is made of metal or wood, you can brighten it up by winding fairy lights around the slats or legs. If you put some around your headboard, you’ll also add a little extra reading light for those times when you want to snuggle up with a good book.

3. Around Picture Frames

Smaller strings of battery-powered fairy lights are perfect for brightening up boring picture frames. You can either drape them around the frame or stick them on permanently with Super Glue or craft glue.

4. Holding Up Photos

If you want to take it one step further, you can get rid of the frames altogether. Using pins (or a temporary adhesive if you can’t make holes in your walls), string some fairy lights across a blank wall in a zigzag pattern. You can then clip your photos intermittently across the different levels.mason jar

5. Inside Mason Jars

On Pinterest, the mason jar is every pinner’s favorite accessory. Mason jars can also add an extra dimension to fairy lights. You can wrap the lights around the jar in a spiral, or another fun thing to do is to put some lights inside the jar or a glass bowl, which will create a magnified effect.

in bowl

6. Spelling Out Words

Rather than just draping the lights over something or sticking them on the wall, you can also get creative with you affix them to the wall. Use them to spell out letters, perhaps your initials or another meaningful word, on the wall or a bulletin board.

7. Around the Window Frame

One way to spread cheer to not only your apartment, but to those who can see your windows from the outside as well, is to fix some fairy lights around the windows.

8. Wound Around Greenery

vasePeople were on to something when they first draped fairy lights around a tree for holiday decoration. But the combination of lights and greenery does not have to be limited to December. Find a tree branch (real or fake) and wrap the lights around the different offshoots. You can then place it in a jar, vase, or display it how you choose. Or, just drape the lights in a pile around the bottom of a vase for a pretty lighting effect.

9. Dotting a Map the World

This one will take a little more time and dedication than the others, but when done right, it can look really cool. Use a map as an outline and string fairy lights around the coast of your favorite country or city (depending on the size of the map). If you want to go all out, you could get a world map and outline every coast. You can either do it on a bulletin board, using a pin for each point, or stick the lights using tape.

How have you decorated with fairy lights?

Image credits: Rachel Bascom for Apartment Guide



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