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Whether you are throwing a freaky Halloween party, attempting to terrify trick-or-treaters, or just treating yourself to a night at home watching horror movies, it’s terribly fun to transform your apartment into a haunted one for Halloween.


The best part is that you can tailor your terror to suit your scare style.

Check out these apartment decorating ideas that give you options for cute or creepy Halloween decor!

Cute or Creepy? How to Transform Your Apartment into a Haunted HomeCute or Creepy? How to Transform Your Apartment into a Haunted HomeEerie entryway
Start the scares off right in your apartment hallway or foyer.

Cute: Trick your guests with tombstone decor featuring funny epitaphs like the classic “I told you I was sick.” If you aren’t crafty, you can buy a set online, or go DIY and build your own foam stones with clever epitaphs.

Creepy: Want to scare the pants off someone as they approach your place? Set up a motion-activated monster, sit back — and enjoy the screams. A simple ghost by the door does the trick.

Scary sitting area
If your guests don’t run away, invite them in to sit for a spell.

Cute: Go Martha Stewart on your ghoul and guy friends by displaying classy indoor Halloween apartment decor like ghostly window shades and pumpkin silhouettes.

Creepy: Or make them bug out with the subtly-unnerving effect of 144 cockroaches. (Seriously, that’s a lot of plastic roaches. If you put all of them in one room, it’s going to freak someone out. Maybe even you.)

Cute or Creepy? How to Transform Your Apartment into a Haunted HomeDining room of doom!
Did you make it to dinnertime without scaring anyone to death? Then treat them to a meal they’ll never forget.

Cute: Kids and light-hearted adults will love this Halloween beef stew served over a mashed potato ghost with pea eyes. Don’t forget a devilish dessert like no-bake witches’ hats.

Creepy: Challenge the folks with stronger stomachs by serving up the Meat Hand. Followed by an oozy eye-ball panna cotta. So gross… and delicious!

Banshee bath
The final touch for your haunted apartment just might make your friends wet their pants.

Cute: A haunted mirror is the perfect way to say “Boo!” to a guest in the loo. It’s easy to make a friendly ghost with frosted window glass film.

Creepy: Take a cue from the movie Psycho and create an aftermath bath. You can actually buy a bloodied shower curtain and bath mat. Don’t forget the finishing touch: a Bates Motel hand towel and robe. (Now who’s the psycho?)

Those are our favorite tricks for turning your apartment into a haunted home. Share your own deadly decorating tips in the comments below!

Your own purple make-over is entirely optional!
Your own purple make-over is entirely optional!

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