Top Tips for Staying Cool This Summer

In many cities, August means cranking up the AC as high as it will go.

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If you’re looking to save on the power bill — or just waiting for your air-conditioning unit to be repaired — use some creative ways to beat the heat in your apartment.

Check out these suggestions for keeping your cool at home in the sweltering season!

Find water, water everywhere
Help your body feel cooler by applying cold water regularly.  In addition to drinking cold water, here are some other creative approaches:

  • Wet the back of your neck with a wet towel, a spray, or an icepack.
  • Put your feet in a bucket (or bathtub) of cold water.
  • Wash some clothes or sheets, but instead of putting them in your dryer, hang them in front of open windows to create a cool breeze. Try freezing your sheets to create a cool night’s sleep.
  • Fill a water bottle with ice to place in your bed at night.
  • Fill plastic bottles halfway full of water and freeze overnight. The next day, you can fill the bottle the rest of the way for instantly-chilled water.

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Eat cool foods

  • Mint is said to have cooling properties. Try putting a spring of fresh mint into your ice water or into the mist bottle you’re using to cool yourself off.
  • Try making snacks out of frozen foods, such as blueberries.
  • Put cucumber slices on your eyelids to have a cool spa moment.
  • Ready to sweat? Try eating spicy foods to get your body sweating, and thus a little cooler, as a result.
  • Avoid turning on the oven or stove whenever you can. Use the microwave, or eat more raw meals, such as salads.
  • If your stove has a range fan, make sure to run it when you cook to vent hot air to the outdoors.

Stay cool at home in your apartment

  • Open windows in the evening or early morning to let cool breezes in, but close them (and lower the blinds) as soon as the summer sun is at full strength.
  • Keep all unnecessary electronic devices off — even unplugged — when you’re not using them. Televisions, computers, and video-game systems are all heat generators.
  • Wear loose-fitting cotton clothing. If you’re at home in your apartment, stay cool by wearing less!
  • Keep your ceiling fan running with the blade spinning counter-clockwise. (Turn it off when you’re not in the room.)
  • Wait until after dark to wash dishes, run laundry or perform any chore that will either make you sweat or heat up your apartment!

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