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Elf on the Shelf

If you're anything like us, you're both excited and annoyed that your home is taken over by a mischievous elf for close to a month each year.

It's awesome to see your kids light up when they see the elf's new hiding spot, but such a hassle when you wake up at 2 a.m. realizing you forgot to move the dang elf again.

Some elves make their debut the day after Thanksgiving. Others don't show their face until December. Even so, that's still 24 days of creativity.

Here are a few ideas to get you through the holidays that are easy to pull off in an apartment.

1. The Elf drops in from the North Pole

A couple of helium balloons help your elf's arrival go off without a hitch.

elf hanging from light

Photo courtesy of Melisa Raney


2. Hot chocolate hot tub

Elf taking chocolate hot tub bath

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3. TP tower Elf

Bathroom? Check. Toilet paper? Check.

elf in toilet paper

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4. Climber Elf

Elf climbing with candy cane

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5. Elf rollercoaster

Elf in dryer

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6. King Elf

Elf sitting on Lego throne

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7. Bow attack!

This one is easy to pull off in an apartment. The bows won't leave marks behind so you don't have to worry about losing your deposit over elf misbehavior.

Elf with bows in kitchen

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8. Sleepover in socks!

elf and toys in socks

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9. The sick Elf

This move usually buys you a few days of not moving the elf because he's just too sick to move! [Insert evil mom laugh]

sick elf

Photo courtesy of Melisa Raney

10. Sprinkle angel

We really like this one because the baking sheet keeps the elf's mess contained.

elf making a snow angel of sprinkles

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11. Marshmallow roasting (with a flameless candle)

elf making a snow angel of sprinkles

Photo courtesy of Melisa Raney

12. Damsel in distress

Elf laying on toy train tracks

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13. Utilize your car!

If you're running low on places to hide the elf around your apartment, move him outside to your car. There are so many places to hide!

Elf in a car with a blanket

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14. Elf in a jar

Because the elf is a jar, your kids can get away with "touching" the elf without him losing his magic. It's a good way to let your kids show the elf around your home and ride to and from school.

Elf in a jar

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15. Cookie time

Have your elf deliver baking supplies to make cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve! This is perfect for a day or two before Christmas.

Elf with cookie baking supplies

Photo courtesy of Melisa Raney



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