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Driving around during the spring means you’ll spot lots of gorgeous and colorful flowers that create beautiful curb appeal for homes. Don’t let living in an apartment discourage you if you’re feeling inspired to plant your own flowers.

Grow an indoor garden using mason jars or use hanging pots to show off your pretty flowers on your porch. Another idea is to use a window box to add character to your apartment. Get started with these pointers and tips.

What to Grow

Determine what you want to grow in your window box. Most opt for a box full of flowers, but others choose vegetables and herbs. This lets you either add a boost of color or create an edible garden that you may not otherwise get the chance to grow. If you decide on planting flowers, get creative. You don’t have to stick with petunias or geraniums; consider growing aromatic flowers such as lavender, lilac, phlox, sweet alyssum or heliotrope. Make sure that whatever you plant will get enough sun exposure.

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Pick a Window Box

Just as important as what you pick to grow is picking the right window box for your apartment. Stick with your décor style and find a window box that matches. Hardwood boxes are easy to paint or stain to match the style of your apartment, which makes it easy to change if you decide to change your décor style. Measure your window accurately, as the width of the windows determines the size of the planter. After getting the measurements, purchase or make a window box that's slightly smaller than the width of your window. The window box should also be deep enough to hold the amount of dirt that will retain moisture for days.

Start Planting

If this is your first time growing flowers, consider ready-grown plants. The packets of seeds may seem simple, but growing plants from seeds requires a lot more attention. When you’re ready to plant your flowers, veggies or herbs, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the container has drainage holes in the bottom. If not, drill several holes.
  2. Cover the holes with some stones to prevent soil from going through.
  3. Fill the container three-quarters of the way with soil that you can get from the nursery.
  4. Determine how you will arrange your flowers. If there are a variety of plants, put the bigger ones in the back and the shorter ones in the front.
  5. Start in the middle of your planter and work your way out. Dig a deep hole in the soil then take the plant out of its original pot and place in the hole. Pack down the soil around each plant.
  6. Water the plants gently and generously. Water again every two or three days but avoid overwatering.

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Be sure to check with your landlord before hanging up your window box. Once you get the approval, installation is simple. Purchase L-shaped brackets that can be installed in a series under your window sill. You can then place the window box on top of the brackets and secure the container to the brackets with mounting screws. A different way to hang a window box is over the railing on your porch.

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