How Apartment Guide is Responding to Coronavirus

Apartment Guide is taking steps to offer you the safest possible rental search experience in this coronavirus emergency. We understand that this is a trying time. Activities that once seemed simple have suddenly become much more difficult and stress-inducing. Finding a new home is no different. At Apartment Guide, we are dedicated to helping all renters make these important decisions in times that are happy and in times that are hard.

Some leasing offices will no longer be offering in-person apartment tours, in accordance with local regulations. We’re offering expanded information and new tools to help you conduct a thorough search for your next rental.

  • New video content

We are actively working with leasing agents and property managers to expand our video coverage of properties; we will provide you with short videos so you can check out apartments the way you would in-person. You can view things like the layout of the property, amenities and communal spaces without having to visit.

  • Up to date office hours and contact information for leasing offices

Many apartment complexes are still actively renting apartments, although some may have suspended in-person tours or have reduced office hours. In limited cases, leasing offices are closed completely. Where possible we are updating office hours and any affected tour policies for the properties on our site. Frequently, leasing and office staff will continue to be available via phone calls or emails where in-person services have been suspended.

  • Tour scheduling on more properties

We are also expanding our coverage of self-scheduled and self-guided tours across properties. Keep in mind that in-person tours may not be permitted in areas that are under shelter-in-place orders, but many properties will be supporting live video tours instead.

Please check back regularly for updates on new apartment search tools. We will also be adding new information on general policies or procedures for renters and properties on this page as they become available.

Frequently Asked Questions

The leasing office is closed but I’d like to see the property. What should I do?
Check out the property page on Apartment Guide. Chances are there’s a short video that will give you a good sense of the property. If that’s not available, use the contact form and phone number to reach out to a leasing agent at the property. They can walk you through the virtual or self-guided options being offered on site.

The leasing office is closed, how do I contact the property manager?
You can use the contact form or phone number listed on a property’s Apartment Guide page. Even if leasing offices are closed for in-person visitors, most are still available via email or telephone.

I live in an area on lockdown. What should I do if my lease is ending?
Contact your property manager for guidance on handling this situation.

How can I stay safe while touring apartments?
You should approach touring an apartment the same way you would treat any other interaction or outing. Try to stay at least 6 feet away from the agent, don’t touch your face and wash your hands before and after your tour. The CDC provides comprehensive guidance on personal coronavirus prevention.

Is it safe to hire movers?
In general, it is still safe to hire movers. The variety of local and statewide orders may affect this, however. Contact your moving company directly with questions about their current operating hours and status. If you are using movers, we recommend you stay in communication with your moving company to ensure both parties are on the same page with regard to safety precautions. You will probably want to know what safety precautions they are taking with the current pandemic. They will probably want to make sure everyone in your household is healthy. Both parties should make sure to stay at a safe distance on moving day.

Additional Resources

At Apartment Guide, we are committed to providing advice to renters every step of the way. We know you have questions during this trying time and are constantly adding new information for renters on the Apartment Guide blog. Here are a few articles you might find helpful: