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If you have an extra bedroom, it’s probably being used a storage space you hastily clear out when you have guests coming. Or maybe your kids moved out and you have some extra space to play with. Whatever your story might be, spare rooms are often forgotten.

But it’s never too late to transform a vacant room into a fun-filled living space. Besides the typical office or guest room concept, there are some awesome things you can do to a spare bedroom. Don’t just settle for the status quo when you can do so much more.

Here are some cool ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Create an art studio or craft room

If you like to paint, draw or craft in your free time, a spare bedroom can serve as an excellent studio for you. You’ll have plenty of space to use your imagination to design or create new products.

Typically, wood floors work best for creative spaces because art materials get messy and you might occasionally spill things from time to time. You’ll also want to have ample storage space to house materials such as paint and fabric.

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Design an epic game room

Game rooms aren’t just for kids – many adults love them, too. And you only need a few essential items to design one. A couch, television and poker table are a great place to start creating your ideal game room.

You can have fun with the decor of the space and paint the walls different colors to keep it casual and inviting. You don’t want it to be overly formal since it’s a place to have fun. Consider making your game room into a cozy lounge area that’s great for hanging out with guests.

Make a movie theater

Not many people will turn down the idea of having a movie theatre in their home. You’ll have a comfortable place to relax after a long day of work and easily unwind in your reclining seat and a big screen TV.

Movie theaters are fairly easy to create. You’ll want a large, flat screen television, comfy reclining chairs with cup holders and dimmed lighting features. If you don’t have a lot of space to play with, an in-home theatre is a good option because you don’t need a lot of space to make this dream happen.

Besides the few ideas listed above, you can also consider using your spare bedroom for things like a man cave, home gym or even a wine bar. You don’t need much space to make any of these ideas come to life. Although it might be easy to just create an office or workspace out of the extra room you have, consider these unique ideas to make your home a little more exciting.



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