Renters, as you search for apartments this year, be on the lookout for these up-to-the-moment renting trends!
Renters, as you search for apartments this year, be on the lookout for these up-to-the-moment community trends!
Renters, as you search for apartments this year, be on the lookout for these up-to-the-moment community trends!

Renting trends for 2013 are turning the tables on tradition. With rising demand for rental units comes greater attention to the needs and desires of renters. As you search for an apartment this year, be on the lookout for these up-to-the-moment renting trends.

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Today’s renter is thinking smaller in terms of space and cost. The apartment industry publication Multifamily Executive reports that developers like Zeta Communities are building “micro” apartments in large cities where space is at a premium.

Micro apartments are carefully-constructed, efficient units that typically measure only around 300 square feet. This building trend is modeled after the need for compact living in crowded urban centers like New York City or San Francisco. In the Big Apple, for instance, apartment statistics show that 60% of households only house one or two residents, making this the perfect place for single-dweller, less-expensive living spaces to gain in popularity.

The impressive thing about these units is all that they pack into an admittedly tiny space. Micro apartment living doesn’t mean you miss out on amenities. Many units include 9-foot ceilings, a washer/dryer, and multipurpose storage that often converts into a sleeping space. Though films like “Wanderlust” may poke fun at the micro trend, the benefits to certain renters may be no joke. Be on the lookout for more traditional studio and one-bedroom apartment offerings in 2013, as well.

Social situations
The Gen Y generation makes up a large part of the rental population. In a recent interview with Multifamily Executive, consultant Tim Smith recommended that developers build apartments near social business like restaurants and coffee shops. Why? Because the Gen Y crowd is looking for housing situated near the things they love to do.

For many, a sense of community is truly important to modern apartment living. When they can find affordable housing that is convenient both to work and leisure-time activities, young residents are thrilled – and often motivated to stick around.

Another renting trend to look for is the shared space. Communal lounge areas and rooftop green spaces are sprouting up in forward-thinking apartment communities. Why not live it up in style in a community that offers top-notch shared spaces and amenities like rooftop night clubs, outdoor dining pods, movie screening rooms and basketball courts?

Green living
Energy-efficient living is a big plus, and many developers consider this when they design a community. In fact, in a survey of over 1000 consumers conducted by Strata Research for HD Supply, 62% reported that environmental friendliness was a key factor in deciding where to live.

Renting residents are looking for extra green on the grounds of their perfect apartments. Many communities are installing Zen gardens, bike paths, and community garden plots. One popular trend in green apartment living is to provide plug-in stations for electric cars.

Amped-up amenities
Green areas aren’t just for humans these days. Multifamily Executive also reports that rental companies like Related in New York City are incorporating super-amenities like Dog City. This pooch-pampering perk includes grooming, doggie day care, veterinary care and training.

So when you’ve scored a right-sized, affordable and efficient apartment a stone’s throw away from work and play, what else could you possibly need? Connectivity, of course!

Another main driver of rental decisions goes beyond the four walls of an apartment. Cell phone reception and wireless Internet are extremely important to apartment living; well-wired communities stand out from the rest. As you shop around for the perfect place to live, be sure to ask about Internet connection and phone reception. (Better yet, test it out yourself on your smart devices.) An accommodating community will keep you connected in every way feasible.

Many new communities are raising the stakes and giving renters exactly what they want by offering more luxurious amenities than ever. 2013 renting trends are changing the way apartments are built. Add these trends to your apartment checklist and go see what’s out there!

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