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One of the advantages of apartment living is the community grill. It’s a great place to meet others while you’re cooking out. With football season well underway, grilling out is a favorite weekend pastime.

While you’re meeting new neighbors at the grill, you certainly don’t want to do anything to tarnish your reputation or become known as the “bad guy / girl at the grill” in your building.

Here are a few guidelines to common courtesy at your apartment community’s common grill.

  1. Plan ahead

    Reserve the grill and stick with the timeframe assigned to you. It’s rude to reserve the grill at 3 p.m. and then not show up until 3:15.

  1. Don't monopolize

    If it’s a big game day and you know everyone will want to grill at the same time, perhaps you can offer to share the grill. If it’s not large enough to share, then be sure to limit the amount of food you’re grilling. This isn’t the time to grill a month’s worth of meals, or hog all the available counter space.

  2. Clean up

    As soon as you’re finished, start cleaning. Another person could be eager to use the grill and they certainly would appreciate a clean grill. Even if another person isn’t waiting, it is your responsibility to clean the grill for the next person.

  3. Share the basics

    If you see that someone needs a little something you have – seasoning, foil, charcoal – by all mean, offer it to them if you can spare it.  This kindness goes a long way to making new friends or improving your reputation (and you may need the favor returned someday).

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The grilling area in your apartments is an amenity that really boosts quality of life, while providing a way to meet your neighbors. Being kind and respectful at the grill is always a good idea.



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Suzanne Willis is a respected PR professional in the hospitality industry. For many years, she has also consulted on etiquette and brand reputation, while providing etiquette training for corporate employees. Willis is the owner of Mimi's Manners, which hosts etiquette classes for children across the Southeast.