coat closet organization

Get a jump on cold weather season and tackle your coat closet organization, easily and quickly.   To get started, assess the contents of the closet and the state of your winter gear. Take soiled coats to the dry cleaners and donate or discard any outgrown or damaged outerwear. Group similar items and remove any contents that don’t belong in this storage closet.  You should also consider what is missing, and gather those items to store here so that heading out the door is easier.

Here are the essential tips you need to organize your coat closet now:


  • Evaluate the closet space

    Consider the closet size, shelving system, and organizers already in place.  Think about what works and doesn’t work with this current system.  Are there structural organizers like shelves you could add to improve the function of the closet? Does the space need a new coat of paint?

  • Create a new organization system

    The goal is to create order out of chaos, and you will need an organization system to achieve this.  After grouping like items, think about their order and arrangement within the closet space.  You could hang each family members’ coats together and then group winter gear by type: hats, gloves, boots, etc.  No kids? Try color coordinating your coats and gear.

  • Make accessibility a priority

    Put frequently used items at eye level where they’re easy to reach.  Less frequently used items or extras can go up high in the coat closet.  Got kids? Hang or place their gear lower, so they can get it themselves.

  • Use creative storage solutions

    Storage bins are great, and you will probably use a few to organize your coat closet, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box.  Hooks, hanging organizers, baskets, trays, and shelf dividers are great for maximizing storage capacity and accessibility.

  • Protect winter gear

    Improper storage of your wool coats and winter accessories during the summer months can damage these pricey items.  Be sure you hang wool coats on wooden or padded hangers and fasten all zippers and buttons.  Then place them in garment bags.  Use cedar blocks to protect from moth holes.  Insert boot forms in tall leather boots to prevent misshaping.

These tips will help you organize your coat closet in no time.  It may be tempting to postpone this task, but just think about how great it will feel come fall when temperatures cool down and you can easily access a clean, fresh jacket or coat. Happy organizing!

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