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At this point, you've checked off most of the items on your moving checklist, which means you're just about ready to get your new keys. Congratulations! … But you're not quite done yet. You still need to know what to do before moving in.

Check out our suggestions of things to do before getting settled into your new apartment. Accomplishing these things before you move your stuff in will make the process go smoother and you'll be more comfortable instantly in your new home.

And remember to inform these contacts of your new address.


  1. Set up your utilities with a scheduled start date so they're ready to go when you move in.
  2. Submit a change of address form with the US Postal Service.
  3. Plan the design and layout of your new apartment!
  4. Confirm the move-in time with your new landlord.
  5. Check to see if your new building has any rules around when and how you can move in. Some buildings only permit tenants to move in during particular days or or hours.




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Apartment Guide Editorial Team

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