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As you search for an apartment community, remember to keep neighborhood conveniences in mind.


You will likely factor available services into your final decision. Here are some ways to find an apartment community located near the conveniences you value.

Know what you need and want most
What is important to one person may seem an unnecessary luxury to another. In order to know the types of services that you would like to have in your community, make a list of the ones you have depended on most often in the past.

Your list of important neighborhood conveniences might include:

• Your favorite grocery store chain (or a local equivalent)
• Personal services like dry cleaners, salon or barber, spa
• A range of restaurants to suit your taste
• A gym that meets your personal fitness needs
• A neighborhood spot to hang out and socialize, like a coffeehouse or bar
• Auto-related amenities like a car wash and fueling station
• Your branch bank
• Movie theater or other entertainment options
• Retail shopping possibilities
• Natural spaces to enjoy the outdoors (places to walk, for instance)

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How far are you willing to go?
There are different levels of convenience to suit everyone of course. Some people are happy with local amenities being a short drive away, where others might desire a walkable neighborhood with conveniences right outside their door. Know what you want and how far you are willing to go to get it.

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Do a drive-by
Once you have your list of must-have local amenities, you can scope out potential apartment communities with these in mind. Mark up a map of the surrounding area, noting where your favorites are located. Once you have data collected on a few apartment communities, you can see which come closest to your wish list of close conveniences.

Benefits of local amenities
Living in an apartment community with lots of neighborhood conveniences will certainly make a difference in your quality of life. Having everything you need located nearby can save you valuable time. Remember to make local amenities a priority in your apartment search!

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