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Apartments near bests schools in Dallas Fort Worth

With many cities — as demonstrated in our ongoing series on finding a cheap apartment near a high-rated public school — a small handful of neighborhoods stand out as being the best places to live to find good schools at an affordable price. Dallas (DFW) doesn't follow this pattern. Rather than have a concentrated region that stands out, a wide swath of good schools can be found all around Dallas.

Click on the image below for an interactive map of schools with a GreatSchools rating of 8 or higher.

Best schools Dallas area
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Dallas has many highly rated schools according to GreatSchools school ratings, but these schools don't appear to cluster in any specific geographic area. Instead, to find the best place to live, we will use average property rent and school ratings throughout the DFW area to find the specific neighborhoods and properties that appear to offer the best value for every grade level.

Top Dallas neighborhoods for high-rated schools

Viewing school ratings by neighborhood allows us to find the areas with superb overall schools, rather than just identifying one-off instances of an individually exemplary school. By this metric, Ridgeview Ranch is the neighborhood in Dallas that is closest to he best overall schools.

Top neighborhoods with best schools Dallas
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Dallas area apartments near great schools

Having looked at the best overall neighborhoods, we now look to find the best individual properties near the best schools at the elementary, middle and high school level. Click on any location circle in our interactive maps to pull up info on properties for that location. You can get more information on the apartments themselves by clicking on the property names in the tables below.

Our value rank is determined by taking GreatSchools ratings and average monthly rents and seeing where you can find the best possible schools for the lowest possible price.

Elementary Schools

With an average monthly rent of $890, Arawak Apartments in Dallas offers potentially affordable access to high-rated elementary schools.


Best value apartments near great elementary schools Dallas
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Value Rank Property Name Avg. Rent Avg. School Rating
1 Arawak Apartments $890 9.0
2 Spring Valley $915 9.0
3 Rustic Oaks Apartments $977 9.5
4 Park on Preston $970 9.0
5 The Zeke $977 9.0
6 Huntington Lakes $1,117 10.0
7 Cypress Creek at Parker Boulevard $1,090 9.5
8 Ridgecrest II $1,039 9.0
9 El Lago $1,164 10.0
10 Hillside $1,074 9.0


Middle Schools

The average school rating of middle schools near Rustic Oaks Apartments is 10, offering residents an opportunity to live near these schools for less than $1,000 per month.

Best value apartments near middle schools Dallas
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Value Rank Property Name Avg. Rent Avg. School Rating
1 Rustic Oaks Apartments $977 10.0
2 Park On Preston $970 9.0
3 Tower Ridge $971 9.0
4 Laurels of Sendera $870 8.0
5 Bel Air Ridge $1,088 10.0
6 Bent Creek $983 9.0
7 Parks at Treepoint $999 9.0
8 Millennium Mckinney $1,016 9.0
9 Lost Spurs Ranch $1,022 9.0
10 Ridgecrest II $1,039 9.0


High School

Spring Valley Apartments in Euless, Texas, have the highest value rank for apartments close to high-rated high schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Value Rank Property Name Avg. Rent Avg. School Rating
1 Spring Valley $915 8.5
2 Park On Preston $970 9.0
3 Laurels of Sendera $870 8.0
4 Mission Pointe Club $900 8.0
5 Valley Oaks $973 8.5
6 Centreport Landing $1,008 8.5
7 Palo Alto $1,032 8.5
8 Rustic Oaks Apartments $977 8.0
9 Bent Creek $983 8.0
10 Ashton Oaks $1,117 9.0

Money aside, apartments near high-rated schools in Dallas

Our number crunching also shows where parents can get the best return on their rental dollars, in terms of school rating. For parents interested in proximity at any price, we also include specific apartments that would fit that bill.

Property Name School Rating City Avg. Rent Elementary Schools Middle Schools High Schools
75225 Properties 10.00 Dallas $3,090 10.0 10.0 10.0
Courtney Manor 10.00 Plano $1,829 10.0 10.0 10.0
Gables Highland Park Residences 10.00 Dallas $3,429 10.0 10.0 10.0
Mission Gate Apartment Homes 10.00 Plano $1,569 10.0 10.0 10.0
The Huntington 10.00 Plano $1,940 10.0 10.0 10.0
The Legends At Ridgeview Ranch 10.00 Plano $1,565 10.0 10.0 10.0
The Point At Deerfield 10.00 Plano $1,411 10.0 10.0 10.0
The Ranch at Ridgeview 10.00 Plano $1,257 10.0 10.0 10.0
Tribeca 10.00 Plano $1,693 10.0 10.0 10.0
Camden Legacy Creek 9.75 Plano $1,636 10.0 10.0 9.5
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