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In a recovering economy, things can change in the blink of an eye.

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Just a few short months ago, the United States Census Bureau released data showing that Americans were on the move: moving to find cheaper housing and to relocate for new jobs. The data indicated a promising trend that made it seem like the housing market was in full-swing recovery. But now it appears as if Americans aren’t quite as confident as they were even a few months ago. The latest data suggests more Americans are staying put, likely thanks to a sluggish job market. Promising Census data U.S. Census data from 2012 indicated that Americans were indeed on the move.  It was a slight reversal from moving trends during the Recession.

As the housing market improves, apartment communities are looking for new ways to attract renters – which means improvements to apartments around the country could be coming soon. According to a survey of 6,800 property managers conducted by Apartment Guide, 76 percent of those polled believe they need to give their properties a facelift if they want to keep renters. And to know where best to invest their dollars, landlords are turning to residents for advice – meaning online ratings and reviews provide important feedback not just for prospective tenants, but for property managers as well.

For past generations, “growing up” meant getting married, buying a home and starting a family. That’s not necessarily the typical path anymore.

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Nuclear families (those defined as a husband, wife and an average of 2.3 children) used to be the majority. These days, in many cities, living solo is common and may well be the new normal. Read on to learn more about what it means to be in charge of your own apartment household of one!

How would you like to live in a community where your grocery store is right around the corner, work is a 10-minute walk, and everything else you need just a quick light-rail ride away? No car necessary!

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Sound too good to be true? It’s becoming a reality. The idea of transit-oriented development, or TOD, -- conceptualized in the 1980s by architect Peter Calthorpe -- places travel centers like light rail and bus stations at the heart of a well-planned neighborhood. The goal is to reduce dependence on cars, increase ridership, and create vibrant neighborhoods where residents enjoy many valuable conveniences.

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As a renter, you want to be able to find the perfect available apartment for your needs – that means the right price, location, and amenities. But that’s easier to find in some places than others.

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According to the National Association of Realtors, in the apartment rental market – aka multifamily housing -- vacancy rates are likely to stay about the same in the near future, with new construction rising to meet increased demand for rental spaces. The top cities that are considered “renter’s markets” have the highest vacancy rates, leaving many options open to renters.

If you’re looking for rental deals, you’re likely to find them in one of America’s emptiest cities — places hit hard by the real estate downturn and a weak job market.

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According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of vacant properties, which includes both apartment units and unoccupied homes for sale, has risen by nearly 44 percent nationwide since 2000. While rental rates are rising in most cities across the country as the popularity of renting increases, the market has yet to recover in certain cities. Read about five empty cities where it’s definitely still a renter's market, as interpreted in this CNBC report.

As Americans move around the country looking for new jobs and greater quality of life, they’ll see apartment rents going up in many U.S. cities.

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Higher demand and lack of inventory contribute to this rental growth. If you are an apartment renter, it’s wise to keep an eye on prices. Which cities will see rent increases in 2014? These ten top the list, according to Reis Inc. and also shared by apartment industry insiders Multifamily Executive.

What if the amenities at your apartment community went beyond the usual pool, tennis courts and fitness center — way beyond? How involved might you choose to be in an apartment society, a place that encourages shared involvement with fellow residents?

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In California, an apartment community developer is going beyond the basics to give new meaning to “community,” creating programs like theater troupes, adult enrichment courses and after-school care for residents. And in Denver, some lucky sports fans can look forward to cheering for baseball... from their own rooftop!