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The demand for apartments remains strong and is likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future. A bruised housing market and sluggish economy have encouraged many people to choose renting over home ownership.

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According to a recent report from CNBC, many in this group are young, professional women. These women are proving to be a driving force in the apartment living boom.


More than 70 percent of graduates are planning on moving to a new city once they say goodbye to their college campus and hello to corporate America.

Nearly half of all students are most concerned about finding an apartment in the “right” neighborhood after graduation. Click on the infographic for more interesting insights into what post-grads want most in their next place.

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According the National Association of Realtors, 5 to 6 million families will become new renting households in the next 10 years.

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It’s just one more piece of evidence that shows renting is on the rise -- and the trend away from home ownership is here to stay. But why? We explore some of the obvious — and not so obvious — reasons why Americans are choosing to forgo the housing market and become perma-renters.

Say goodbye to the stereotype of the frivolous college student who racks up debt and spends with abandon.

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Today’s students are much more budget-conscious, and they’re particularly sensitive to the costs of student housing. Students still want the right location and great amenities, but they are looking very carefully at all their options before they commit to a lease. Recession reality check Students just entering college in Fall 2013 were high school freshmen during the height of the recent recession. According to rental industry publication Multifamily Executive, these students watched their families struggle with financial hardships like joblessness and upside-down mortgages. As a result, they are entering college intent on minimizing debt and stretching their rental dollars.

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The American Community Survey, released recently by the U.S. Census Bureau, revealed some of the significant ways that the Recession has affected Americans.

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The Census Survey sampled 3 million addresses across the nation, analyzing important demographic information including income, living situation, family growth, and moving behaviors. Americans are moving again An atypical uptick was noted in the report: more and more Americans are moving around in the country. “16.9 million people moved between counties in 2012,” a Bloomberg analysis of the Census data shared, also noting that the “volume of domestic migration in the U.S. reached the highest level in five years.” The state of Florida saw some promising news, as new residents moved to the Sunshine State in notable numbers.

In a recovering economy, things can change in the blink of an eye.

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Just a few short months ago, the United States Census Bureau released data showing that Americans were on the move: moving to find cheaper housing and to relocate for new jobs. The data indicated a promising trend that made it seem like the housing market was in full-swing recovery. But now it appears as if Americans aren’t quite as confident as they were even a few months ago. The latest data suggests more Americans are staying put, likely thanks to a sluggish job market. Promising Census data U.S. Census data from 2012 indicated that Americans were indeed on the move.  It was a slight reversal from moving trends during the Recession.

As the housing market improves, apartment communities are looking for new ways to attract renters – which means improvements to apartments around the country could be coming soon. According to a survey of 6,800 property managers conducted by Apartment Guide, 76 percent of those polled believe they need to give their properties a facelift if they want to keep renters. And to know where best to invest their dollars, landlords are turning to residents for advice – meaning online ratings and reviews provide important feedback not just for prospective tenants, but for property managers as well.