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Signing a lease for a new apartment can be exciting -- and intimidating. You'll be better equipped to understand your lease and catch anything that doesn't make sense if you know what to expect before looking through it. [find-an-apartment] Here are some tips on what can be found in a typical apartment lease.

Here’s some news to be aware of if you are a renter or a potential renter. The apartment leasing industry is increasingly using a new metric for approving leases: rental history.  It's becoming a key criterion for approving new leases,…

Breaking a Lease

A lease is a legally binding contract. So, what happens when you break a lease? The outcome depends on the circumstances. Most landlords are willing to work with you, if you act appropriately.

If it’s your first time renting an apartment , though, the rental application process may be different than you imagined. Applying for the apartment can take a long time and requires you and your landlord to do a lot of…

apartment sublet sign

A sublease can be a great way to save some money or explore a new place – if it’s allowed by the owner. We’ll take you through exactly what a sublease is.