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Do you love your apartment? Have you found the community that truly feels like home to you? If you have, congratulations! The following might be just a few of the reasons why you feel that way. But perhaps you are pondering other possibilities? [find-an-apartment] Consider what might convince you to stay in your apartment. These details might make you want to stick around in the space you’ve found!

walk to work

Planning how you’ll commute to work can affect everything, all the way down to the cash in your wallet. Walking to work can help you save money, some of your sanity, and even help keep you healthy. If you’re able to walk to work, you’re giving yourself more time to spend with your loved ones. Consider these pros and cons if you want to transition to making the walk to work.

Would you considering living in a space so small you have to leave to change your mind? There may be consequences to the micro-living phenomenon!
When it comes to an apartment space, how small is too small? We take a look at a few factors in this debate.
By Elizabeth Beasley with Steve Harper Depending on how you handle stress and small spaces, the micro-living phenomenon may be a god-send or the bane of your home living existence. [find-an-apartment] Keep reading to learn how living in a small space just might affect your health -- and some tips for making it work in the right tiny apartment.

It’s easy for an apartment search to become overwhelming, even when you follow a careful search plan. [find-an-apartment] Don’t bog down your brain with zillions of requirements. Focus on a few things you feel are important to your perfect apartment space. Here are five essentials that might be easy to overlook, but are extremely important to consider when choosing your new apartment home.

In some rental markets, apartment hunting can be as competitive as a job search. In fact, modern, savvy apartment seekers often visit apartments as prepared as if they’re on a job interview. [find-an-apartment] If your apartment search lies in a highly-competitive rental market, like New York City, you may want to employ a few clever approaches to help secure your tenancy. Here are some tactics to help you nab your first-choice apartment and seal the deal on the spot!

Wondering how to find the best apartment for you? While the idea of the “best” apartment certainly varies from person to person, these tips should help you find the apartment that suits you to a “T.” Know thyself Before you can figure…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, at least for the Apartment Guide team. Renters are making tough decisions about whether to stay put in their current apartment, or move on to a bigger and better abode.


It’s natural to assume that after a few years of renting, you’re automatically ready to take on the title of homeowner. But you might need to slow your roll before you’re in too deep. Are you really ready to own a home? Like, really? Below, we outline a few reasons why you might need to renew that apartment lease.

benefits of renting vs. buying