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As the fifth-largest city in the state of North Carolina and the 85th-largest in the United States, Durham is a vibrant, fast-growing Southern city. Whether you’re new to the “Bull City” or are a long-time resident, check out this list of some of the must-see destinations near downtown Durham. [find-an-apartment] For Fine Arts Fanatics: North Carolina Central University Art Museum Why: An important teaching resource and cultural attraction near downtown apartments in Durham, the NCCU Art Museum contains one of the most prominent collections of works by African-American artists, as well as featuring five special exhibits a year that have included lithographs by Nelson Mandela and photographs by leading civil rights-era photojournalist Alex Rivera. Where: 1801 Fayetteville St., Durham, NC 27707

Here at Apartment Guide, we wanted to get a local sense of life in the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, Arizona. We reached out to three Phoenix area bloggers to get their varied takes on the city. These notable, local Phoenix experts share from their own points of view the details you need to know to understand the city a bit better. How Phoenix is changing, where to visit, how to get around, great spots to eat... it's all here! David Bickford is the author and creator of the top-rated blog PHX Rail Food, “devoted to good eating along the light rail line that connects Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa.” David’s is the number one Phoenix food blog as ranked on Scott Dunn of and The Hot Sheet Blog is a former journalist and now Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for the Greater Phoenix Convention and Visitors Bureau. Gwen Ashley Walters of Pen& is a food journalist, professional chef, and award-winning cookbook author. She lives in Scottsdale, a nearby suburb of Phoenix. [find-an-apartment]

Tucson is Arizona’s second-largest city, which means you may not ever get the chance to see and experience everything it has to offer. From museums to mountains, and from fine dining to great shopping, this Southwestern town is rich in history and culture. Whether you’re just driving through or want to learn more about a town dubbed Old Pueblo, here is a guide to get in as much of Tucson as possible in 24 hours. [find-an-apartment] Morning: Breakfast and a Museum

St. Louis Neighborhoods A Guide

St. Louis is known as the "Gateway to the West" to tourists, but locals are more than happy to simply call it the "Lou." No matter what you like to call this Midwestern hub, one thing's for certain: There are…

Capitol Hill is the largest residential neighborhood in Washington D.C. While most of the properties within the immediate area are historic single family homes, these four nearby neighborhoods have a wide selection of luxury apartments offering stylish and comfortable amenities. They also offer easy access to the Capitol, the National Mall, the Smithsonian museums, the National Memorials, upscale restaurants, retail shops, urban plazas and parks and a wide range of entertainment venues.

Known for its clam chowder and baked beans, Boston is a food lover’s paradise, so it only makes sense that the city is replete with specialty markets that cater to foodies, amateurs and everyone in between. [find-an-apartment] So whether you’re looking for homemade orecchiette, house made dill pickles or quirky Japanese snacks, chances are there’s a shop in Boston that has it.

There’s so much to love about the funky, Pacific Northwest city of Portland. Here, we detail some of the best spots in the city, from restaurants to shops to outdoor attractions. [find-an-apartment] Pizza: Apizza Scholls Why: Pizza in Portland? You better believe it. Apizza Scholls is the stuff of legend. This no-frills, down-to-earth pizza joint in Portland’s Sunnyside neighborhood has been churning out great pies for what seems like ages. The draw here is the simplicity of the pies, fresh ingredients and thin, Neapolitan-style crust. One taste of the Tartufo Bianco, with whole milk mozzarella, grana padano and truffle oil, will have you seeing stars. Where: 4741 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland, OR 97215 has ranked the walkability of the 50 largest U.S. cities. The organization bases its findings on population and ease of access to amenities such as grocery stores, shopping centers, movie theaters, and many other destinations on foot. [find-an-apartment] Take an online walk-about of the 10 cities deemed the most walkable in the United States.

Thrillist essential restaurants 2017

Thrillist recently published its Top 50 Essential Restaurants Every American Should Visit list – a treasure trove of American dining experiences that you should make sure to add to that ever-growing must-eat list. While you might think this means a list of high-end, totally out-of-budget restaurants, you’d be wrong. While some are expensive, many fall into the “sandwich you can’t miss” or “to-die-for BBQ” categories.

walk to work

Planning how you’ll commute to work can affect everything, all the way down to the cash in your wallet. Walking to work can help you save money, some of your sanity, and even help keep you healthy. If you’re able to walk to work, you’re giving yourself more time to spend with your loved ones. Consider these pros and cons if you want to transition to making the walk to work.