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Ooey-gooey fillings and a crispy, buttery crust are just two of the best things about pies. There is a lot of loving that goes into creating the perfect pie – perfect in taste, not necessarily in the lattice work on top. [find-an-apartment] Pies have the ability to bring up cherished family memories – whether the apple pie tastes just like your grandma’s or the pumpkin pie spice reminds you of your first Thanksgiving with your significant other. Whatever it may be, pie is a classic American dessert. In honor of National Pie Day on Jan. 23, make a stop at one of these pie places in the U.S.

The greenest places in D.C. are dedicated to helping the residents of our nation's capitol improve their lives through eco-friendly choices. Typically, yellow and blue make green, but in Washington, D.C., red and blue unite for green, too. [find-an-apartment] Washington, D.C. is alive with green businesses, from markets and restaurants with locally grown produce to stores with vegan pet food or energy-saving electronics. If you think the nation’s capital is only full of hot air, you might be surprised at the following down-to-earth, environmentally friendly places located throughout the city.

As the largest city in Texas and fourth-largest in the United States, Houston is a veritable treasure trove of culture and memorable experiences. [find-an-apartment] There's plenty to do in this city, regardless of where your interests may lie -- whether you'd like to catch a baseball game, explore the historic Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center or enjoy a show at one of the many theaters, Houston is likely the city for you.

  As a world-class cultural and financial center, San Francisco is a booming metropolis on the coast of California. With denizens of all kinds of backgrounds, streets lined with Victorian-style buildings and a thriving tech industry, there are endless possibilities when it comes to recreational, entertainment and career opportunities for those looking for apartments in San Francisco. [find-an-apartment] The city's strategic location catapulted it into the spotlight in its early years. Located on the San Francisco Peninsula, the metropolis is bordered by the San Francisco Bay to the east, the Golden Gate Strait to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the west. It was founded in 1776 when Spanish colonists established a fort at the Golden Gate.

Need to get your music fix in Phoenix?  Whether you're in the mood to see one of the biggest pop stars on the planet or the most underground of devastatingly hip indie bands, there's an entertainment venue in Phoenix to suit your musical tastes. [find-an-apartment] Small venues If it's up-and-coming acts you want, Phoenix offers plenty of intimate, out-of-the-way places to see blues greats, the latest indie band or an electronic superstar.

Whether you’re moving to Seattle from across the country or are just relocating across town, chances are a need for cheap, budget-friendly furniture and décor is still on your radar. Although the city’s Pacific Northwest locale can leave things chilly and drizzly, don’t expect Seattle’s décor style to be all flannel and corduroy. From antique shopping in the trendy Capitol Hill neighborhood to the funky boutiques in Fremont, Seattle has a plethora of home décor stores to fit your price range. [find-an-apartment] Seattle Trading Post What: Decorate your Seattle home or apartment with purchases from Seattle Trading Post. Nestled in the uber-trendy Capitol Hill district, the store features funky, eccentric pieces like lamps, bikes and door knobs as well as decorative pieces like hobnail candle holders, dishes and old glass bottles. Prices are on par with Value Village or the Salvation Army, but you’ll find a higher quality of goods. Where: 1510 12th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122

Known as the Emerald City, Seattle, Washington is a beautiful metropolis teeming with life. Located on a narrow isthmus between Lake Washington and Puget Sound, the city is a cultural hub in the Pacific Northwest and considered to be a major gateway for trade. Those looking for apartments in an area with convenient urban amenities surrounded by scenic natural wonders will have no problem finding a place in Seattle. [find-an-apartment] Seattle's history begins with the Denny Party, a group of pioneers who founded the city. Throughout the years, the metropolis has experienced major economical booms and busts, due in part to its strategic location in an area rich with natural resources. In its early days, Seattle was considered to be one of the largest timber towns in the country until the Klondike Gold Rush, which started in 1899. Seattle, alongside Portland, Oregon, became a major port for gold prospectors and miners. These days, the Seattle economy is driven by a mix of companies that specialize in everything from technology to coffee. The city is also highlighted by its beautiful cityscape and thriving cultural centers.

If you’re a Seattle resident, you know how important it is to cherish the summer months, since sunny, cloudless days with perfect temperatures don’t come around all that often (usually just three months a year, to be exact.) [find-an-apartment] So take advantage of the great summer weather (and Seattle’s picturesque landscape) by getting outdoors and going hiking or camping. No matter which Seattle neighborhood you live in, chances are there’s a store right around the corner where you can find the best camping and outdoor gear for any trip up Mount Rainier or in the surrounding Cascades. Here are our picks for the best places to find top- notch equipment in Seattle.

Working out and sweltering summer heat don’t mix. In some places, you may need a glass of water just for walking from your car to your apartment front door, much less after running miles in sauna-like humidity. [find-an-apartment] If the July heat wave in Seattle has you wanting to hibernate early, you can still burn calories comfortably (relatively speaking, at least) inside the four walls of the best gyms the city has to offer. Cool off by swimming laps in the pool, sipping a fresh-fruit smoothie or by sweating it out in air-conditioned cardio heaven at the following places.

Former Seattle mayor Greg Nickels once referred to the city as “a city of neighborhoods,” so it’s no surprise that you can find Seattle, Wash., apartments spread throughout this beautiful Pacific Northwest city. From the free-spirited charm of Fremont to…