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Wondering if an apartment floor plan is right for you? It can be tricky to imagine yourself living in a space without seeing all your stuff in it. Luckily there are some key floor plan design elements you can consider before moving in that will help you determine if an apartment has enough space for your needs.

A Guide to Baltimore Neighborhoods

Baltimore neighborhoods are many and varied, and most are full of a wide range of residents, whether they're older couples, families or young professionals. Interested in learning more about some of the coolest areas in Maryland's largest city? Take a look at this guide to some of the most popular Baltimore neighborhoods.

It’s easy for an apartment search to become overwhelming, even when you follow a careful search plan. Don’t bog down your brain with zillions of requirements. Focus on a few things you feel are important to your perfect apartment space. Here are five essentials that might be easy to overlook, but are extremely important to consider when choosing your new apartment home.

Even those non-believers who try to rationalize late night footsteps in their apartment and TVs that turn on by themselves may be stirred by Portland’s spooky spirits and spine-tingling stories. Here are some of the most haunted places in Portland.

Thrillist essential restaurants 2017

Thrillist recently published its Top 50 Essential Restaurants Every American Should Visit list – a treasure trove of American dining experiences that you should make sure to add to that ever-growing must-eat list. While you might think this means a list of high-end, totally out-of-budget restaurants, you’d be wrong. While some are expensive, many fall into the “sandwich you can’t miss” or “to-die-for BBQ” categories.

As the fourth-largest city in the U.S., Houston, Texas is a buzzing metropolis that millions of people call home. With dozens of unique areas in the city, anyone who comes to Houston is sure to find a place where they fit in. Here are some great Houston neighborhoods for you to check out, whether you're moving from out of state or another area in the city:

Moving to Houston What You Need to Know 3

Houston, Texas is located near the Gulf of Mexico, and it's one of the state's largest cities. If you're moving to Houston, there's a lot you should learn first so you don't spend the first couple of months gawking at all the cool stuff the metropolis has to offer. Don't worry, though-- Houston is an accepting city and you'll fit in quickly.

Every renter goes through this debacle of looking at their income and their apartment hunting wish list and realizing there's a gap. But prioritizing what you want in an ideal apartment will help you sign a lease as a satisfied renter. Here are some tips to help you prioritize what you really need out of your next place: