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Depending on how you handle stress and small spaces, the micro-living phenomenon may be a godsend or the bane of your home living existence. Keep reading to learn how living in a small space just might affect your health -- and some tips for making it work in the right tiny apartment.

Arlington, Virginia Neighborhoods A Guide - Westover

Arlington capitalizes on D.C.'s energy while offering a respite from the never-ending pace of the capital city. This dichotomy gives Arlington its character. The juxtaposition between small town and big city has led people to call Arlington neighborhoods "urban villages." All of the city's urban villages have this mix of old and new to varying degrees, and understanding those nuances can help you find the best fit. Here's a quick guide to give you an idea of which neighborhood in the city is right for you:

Where can I afford to live

Like a home mortgage, monthly rent is a serious financial commitment. Before you get in over your head, you need to understand where you can afford to live. Follow these simple steps to calculate how much rent you can afford before you sign the lease.

Rental rates have hit an all-time high over the last year, taking up a massive 3.86% of the gross domestic product in the first quarter of 2017. With increased demand for apartments and a lean supply in most rental markets, being a landlord might be great -- but being a renter might be tough.

If you're looking for an apartment in a city where universities are prevalent, check out the list below. Click on the college or university you're interested in living near, and you’ll see the closest apartments to that campus.

Let's face it: Apartment hunting is stressful! From finding listings that match your criteria and making appointments for viewings to taking tours and choosing the best fit, there's a lot to keep track of. Luckily, your friends at Apartment Guide are here to help. Here's how to stay organized during your hunt for a new home:

When you’re committing to living somewhere for a year or more, a little information goes a long way. Take a few minutes to make a list of the things that really matter to you. What makes you really feel at home in a living space? Here are some questions to ask before you sign a lease.

Do you love your apartment? Have you found the community that truly feels like home to you? If you have, congratulations! The following might be just a few of the reasons why you feel that way. But perhaps you're pondering other possibilities? Consider what might convince you to stay in your apartment. These details might make you want to stick around in the space you’ve found!

Wondering if an apartment floor plan is right for you? It can be tricky to imagine yourself living in a space without seeing all your stuff in it. Luckily there are some key floor plan design elements you can consider before moving in that will help you determine if an apartment has enough space for your needs.

A Guide to Baltimore Neighborhoods

Baltimore neighborhoods are many and varied, and most are full of a wide range of residents, whether they're older couples, families or young professionals. Interested in learning more about some of the coolest areas in Maryland's largest city? Take a look at this guide to some of the most popular Baltimore neighborhoods.