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Are you noticing a few things in your apartment that need attention or repairs? A porch light that’s out? A shower that trickles? A toilet that runs? A big perk of renting is your limited responsibility when it comes to apartment maintenance. But, what maintenance does management cover?

You live in an awesome apartment community, the perfect place where you want to spend your free time hanging out. But how do you find the people who want to hang out with you, too? [find-an-apartment] Check out these tips on how to earn the label “cool neighbor!” and enjoy the social time you spend in your apartment community.

When your stomach is grumbling, you may not feel inclined to debate dining plans. But if you are new to a city or have found an apartment in a different part of town, you might not know just where to indulge your taste buds. [find-an-apartment] Why not hop on the Internet and check out the food scene in your town with online guides and apps, like these fabulous foodie finders?

As you prepare to move out of the house or dorm and into your first real apartment, you will have a long list of items you need to buy, borrow or steal. For starters, there is the furniture: a bed frame and mattress, dressers or drawers, a couch and other seating and a table. Then you’ll need staples like dishes and cookware and cleaning supplies. [find-an-apartment] In the midst of all this shopping and packing, a few things are bound to slip your mind. So before you move, make sure you have these five essential items often left out of a first apartment.

Securing your personal information is more important than ever before, and it can start with something as simple as ensuring that your apartment’s wifi password security, as well as your other passwords, are strong enough. But how do you create a secure password?

While it may seem like a license to splurge on that new pair of shoes or a trip to your city's hottest new restaurant, do yourself a favor and think smart when it comes to your tax return refund.

best interior design websites

Your home decorating projects just got a lot easier! Whether you’re looking for the right vintage accessory, need help color matching your favorite throw pillow, or want to envision that piece of art on your wall, recent innovations in interior design websites and apps can help you do all this and more

One Chicken Equals Four Meals

If you’re looking to stretch your grocery budget, the idea of buying an entire chicken for one or two people might seem extremely out of budget. However, roasting up a larger cut of meat on the weekend can actually ensure…

how to stay safe when cleaning an apartment

Did you know you can actually create toxic or dangerous situations by mixing common (and effective) household cleaning products? Here’s a guide to keep your cleaning day safe; don’t go from “determined” to “dangerous.”