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disability apartments

There’s a misconception that handicap accessibility for apartments is related to ADA compliance. It’s an easy mistake to make; the ADA applies to public buildings, common areas in apartment buildings, and most units in newer apartment complexes. If you’re looking…

apartment amenities

When it comes to the best apartment amenities, what’s popular in 2017 may surprise you. According to Apartment Guide research, many of those searching for an apartment tend to focus on individual apartment features rather than community features. However, many apartment hunters weigh community features at approximately the same level of importance as how many bedrooms they’re looking for, so community features matter.

apartment details

When you’re hunting for an apartment, there’s a lot to consider — location, affordability, lifestyle, value, size (i.e. whether your furniture will fit) amenities, and more. It’s understandable that many renters become focused on the big picture and lose sight…

rent apartment sight unseen

Finding your dream apartment can be hard enough in person, but renting sight unseen can feel like a huge gamble if you are not prepared. With a little planning and some help from friends or professionals, it is absolutely possible to find a place of your own to call home.

co-op apartment

Co-op apartments are worth knowing about, and are fairly common in major metros, including New York and D.C. Apartments within “co-ops” can sometimes be rented, so it’s worth understanding what cooperative buildings are, how they work, and what tenants might expect when looking at renting an apartment in one of them.

Apartment hunting disability

Finding an apartment that's accessible and comfortable is more challenging for disabled apartment hunters and their network of support. But with a clear idea of what's needed in an apartment and nearby, the task is easier.