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When the time comes to look for senior housing, so many options are available, from independent care to assisted living, from affordable to luxury apartments. Reasons for moving to senior-friendly apartments vary and can include going through a divorce, becoming…

downsizing is good for you

If your kids have moved out and you no longer want or need a big house, chances are you’re going to downsize at some point in your life – maybe more than once. The good news is this: Going smaller is good for you! Here are five reasons bigger isn’t always better: [find-an-apartment]

1. You’ll save money

This one’s obvious: In general, smaller spaces are less expensive. Downsizing to a smaller house or apartment is good for your wallet:

what is a mother-in-law apartment

Taking care of your aging parents is an emotional and challenging task. We want our parents to maintain their independence as long as possible . . . with as little risk as possible, from scares like falls. When parents don't need the constant care of an assisted-living home, but you want to make sure they’re looked after what do you do? Consider a mother-in-law apartment.

Senior Living Time to Retire

After a lifetime of working, you’re finally ready for retirement. Whether you’re thinking of heading for the sun or moving closer to family, renting an apartment is becoming an extremely attractive option for seniors during their retirement. Not only does…

Is there a decorating style or do-it-yourself project you’ve always wanted to try? For senior decorators, there are plenty of easy plans and projects that won’t leave you spent in time, money or effort. [find-an-apartment] Create the atmosphere you’ll enjoy in your home. Read on for a collection of interesting options to tailor the perfect space.