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You have a new roommate who identifies as queer. They’re great! They have an adorable cat, a sweet sense of style, and you share a love of Orange is the New Black. You’d like to keep them around, but you’ve…


Breaking the ice with a new roommate can be nerve-wracking. The outcome is completely unpredictable. You might become BFFs (think Monica and Rachel on "Friends"), worst enemies (think "Single White Female"), or fall into some murky gray area in which you aren't quite sure what’s going on.


But don’t torment yourself too much. Even with completely opposite personalities and schedules, a little effort can go a long way in making dorm or apartment life pleasant for you and your roomie.

Having a roommate can test your patience at times. From watching the dirty dishes pile up to having to deal with guests you don't know, living with another person provides both goods and bads. However, the little issues that pop…

[find-an-apartment] Attention drama queens and drama kings! Life with your roommate doesn’t have to feel like a never-ending soap opera. With a bit of patience and strategy, you can use smart problem-solving skills to avoid the drama and maintain a peaceful existence in your apartment.

LGBTQ Apartment Advice

As October was National LGBTQ History Month, we’re going to take a look at how LGBTQ people can navigate finding housing and roommates as well as look at how heterosexual individuals can be great allies. I’ve had people say to…

  You and your roommate might not have much in common, but you both need to eat. And unless you work radically different schedules, you’re probably eating at about the same times. So if you happen to be hungry in the same place at the same time, why not coordinate and plan meals together? [find-an-apartment] Here are some tips to make meal planning with your roommate a success.

Picture this: You’ve fallen hopelessly in love … with the perfect new apartment. It’s just your style, it’s close to your school or workplace, your current lease is ending anyway, and best of all, it’s in your price range. In short, you like it, so you want to put a ring on it (and by “put a ring on it,” we mean “sign a lease.”) Oh, but it’s not that simple! What about … dun dun duuunnn … your roommate? If you share your home with someone else, you’re going to have to take him or her into consideration if you want to move. And the big decision you have to make is: Do you move alone, or do you take your roomie with you?

It’s a tough one, but here are a few questions you need to ask yourself to help you make that choice.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you’ll surely hear more contempt for the day - how it’s overly commercialized and actually has nothing to do with love. Scorned hearts will go on and on about how it's really all about raking in more money for major corporations. Some even refer to it as the ultimate "Hallmark Holiday." Perhaps they’re just bitter because they won't be receiving a giant teddy bear and a generic card filled with outsourced emotions. [find-an-apartment] Nope. Sappy love songs, heart-shaped chocolates and overpriced grocery store roses will not sweep them off their feet this year. But when cupid's got a hold on you, there’s no better time to show your affection than on Valentine’s Day. Getting quality time in with your better half is a must. But how do you approach the most romantic day of the year when your super single roommate thinks that cupid is stupid?

  1. You come home to find your roommate has left a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. What do you do? A. Clean the dishes yourself – and secretly enjoy it. B. Research all the different types of mold that can arise from old food stuck to ceramic plates, arrange them into a detailed Power Point presentation, and make your roommate sit quietly as you lecture him/her about basic cleanliness. C. Toss your own dirty dishes on top of the pile and walk away. D. Immediately go find your roommate to yell at him/her – not because of the mess, but because no one offered you any food. E. Immediately go find your roommate, give him/her a hug, and calmly offer to help clean the dishes while saying repeatedly that you still love him/her. F. Spend an hour wondering how soap is made.