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Living with roommates can be both fun and stressful. Movie nights, parties and inside jokes are just a few of the reasons living with roommates is fun. However, when it comes to chores, it might not be so pleasant. A simple way to avoid confrontation and passive aggressive behavior is by discussing chores with your roommates before getting completely settled into your new apartment. Here are a few ideas on how to split up household duties and avoid any drama.

Finding a roommate is a lot like dating. There has to be chemistry and common ground to create a match that’s made in heaven. At the end of the day, a good roommate should be someone you can enjoy coming…

questions to ask roommates

Roommates can help with expenses, but it’s important to find a good match before making a commitment.  These questions will reveal a lot about the people with whom you’re considering sharing your apartment. Are you still friends with old roommates?…

Living with a roommate can be great, but it can also test the limits of your patience. The most challenging apartment roommate may very well be whomever is currently living under the same roof with you. Check out these nine types of roommates you’ll likely recognize. From the Clean Freak to the Night Owl, some of these types really put the 'apart-' in apartment!

roommate debate

Living with a roommate will undoubtedly come with some disagreements here and there. One that could arise before even moving in is the debate surrounding who gets  the larger bedroom. Luckily, there’s a few quick and easy ways to solve…


Which is better: living alone or with a roommate? There’s no right answer to this question — it depends on you and your preferences. If you’re trying to decide whether to fly solo or start auditioning potential roommates, you may…

think before renting

Getting ready to move into your first apartment can be incredibly intimidating; renting an apartment is a pretty big deal. There are a LOT of things to consider. When it's your first time, there can be enough new information to make your head spin. Here are the important things to think about BEFORE you start your apartment-hunting process. This list can save you from making some costly mistakes.

Roommate negotiation

Living with a new roommate can be fraught. Even if you have experience sharing space with strangers, the two (or more) of you might have habits and quirks that occasionally irritate each other. Establishing some compromises early on can make life easier, however. [find-an-apartment] Read on for some helpful tips for negotiating with a roommate.