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With Mother's Day right around the corner, your mom is probably expecting flowers. So how about doing a little something extra for mom this year? Something handmade, like when you were a kid? A DIY decorative planter box is the perfect item to give her windowsill that extra pop!

community garden

For many apartment or urban dwellers, living near a green space is a non-negotiable. When people don’t have yards of their own, they often want to be near a community garden or park to help fill that need. Many cities are now building and maintaining community gardens that also frequently help feed underserved neighborhoods

Do your kids complain about being bored while you are busy preparing Thanksgiving dinner? You're not alone! This year, instead of having the kids watch Thanksgiving specials on TV, put their creative minds to use and have them make the…

Packing baby hospital bag

Being a mom-to-be these days, I rely heavily on Google for nearly everything I need to know (don’t we all!). This includes things like “What’s the best baby monitor?,” “What’s that awful pain in my leg?” and “What should I…

[find-an-apartment] Picking up and moving to a new city or new home can be hard for everyone in a family, but especially tough for children. Kids enjoy structure, and change can be difficult. Make moving easier for your children by trying some of these tips geared for families on the move.

Moving with children is a lot of work for parents, but can be even tougher on kids. Fear of the unknown can bring up a lot of anxiety – and questions. [find-an-apartment] According to, children focus on the big picture when it comes to moving. They need answers to their questions in order to feel more confident about moving to a new place. Here are some common questions and, hopefully, wise ways to answer them to help you hold an open dialogue with your children about an upcoming move.

Is your apartment home to a diverse household where parents, kids and grandparents all live together? [find-an-apartment] Multigenerational apartment living gives new meaning to the phrase “one big, happy family.” While this is not a unique phenomenon for today, changing and often uncertain economic conditions do set the stage for the benefits and challenges of multigenerational living under one roof.

In the years following 2008's recession, the number of adult children who chose to move back in with parents skyrocketed. In 2010 alone, nearly 80 percent of new college grads moved back home when faced with a tough job market and high rent prices. While young people make up a large percent of so-called boomerang children who return home to what was formerly an empty nest, the trend of adult children -- of any age -- to live with their parents rises when times get tough. [find-an-apartment] If you're faced with the prospect of moving back home, you might feel guilty, upset, even annoyed. But according to psychologists, you can go back home at any age without feeling like you're doing something wrong. In this guide to moving back in, we'll look at the benefits of going home again and share tips for coexisting peacefully with parents.

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift can seem like an impossible task, especially when it’s last minute. Flowers and chocolate can make for a great gift, but maybe you want to give something that incorporates a little more creativity. What’s…