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moving with a dog

When it comes to dogs and moving, our pets feels the same stressors we do – and let’s face it: moving is notoriously stressful. All the shuffling around – strange smells, shifting furniture, a multitude of boxes – can make your pup feel discombobulated, despite the excitement of changing things up. Since many studies have shown that dogs help reduce our stress, if you’re moving with a dog, it’s imperative to show your furry family member the same courtesy. Here are some tips to keep your best friend calm.

dog friendly apartments

The good news is that increasingly, apartment complexes are beginning to understand the pivotal role pets play in their residents’ lives and are accommodating dog owners when it comes to their policies – even to the point of putting pet-centric amenities in place. That means finding dog friendly apartments is easier than ever. The bad news? There are often restrictions, caveats or fees. Here are a few things to think about when you’re searching for dog friendly apartments.

most popular dog names of 2016

Trying to dream up a name for your new pooch? Much like baby names, the popularity of dog names changes yearly. If you want your four-legged pal to be the coolest pup at the dog park, check out our guide to…


Do you consider yourself a dog person or a cat person? Depending on your pet preference, a lot can be revealed about your own personality. It’s been said that the animal you identify with the most tends to align with your own characteristics.

Pet owner stereotypes are fairly prevalent throughout society. Surely you've heard the myth of the crazy cat lady. She sits on her couch in a bathrobe day after day eating Pringles, surrounded by at least four of her closest feline friends: Molly, Daisy, Sadie and Chloe.

Or maybe you’re more familiar with man’s best friend. Most likely he’s a Labrador Retriever that goes by the name of Max or Buddy. And every day he gleefully hops into the crumb littered SUV with his active family of two caring parents and three rambunctious kids, eager for yet another 15 minute road trip to the other side of town.