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The best dog parks in Portland offer plenty of green space for your furry friend to run around.

Some dogs, such as border collies and Jack Russell terriers, make great pets but require daily exercise to rid them of excessive energy. If you live in an apartment community or have a small backyard, you may need to exercise your lively dog at a nearby dog park. Fortunately, dog parks are plentiful in Portland, a city known for its local culture and miles of green space. See below for our picks for the best in the area.

Many restaurants in Boston open their doors to furry friends.

There are not many things better than sitting down to a nice meal at a fine restaurant, discovering an amazing cup of coffee at an area café or settling into a well-worn booth with an ice cold pint at your local watering hole. But if you’re a dog lover, it’s just not quite the same without your loveable four-legged friend. Fortunately, many restaurants, cafes and bars around the world are getting hip to the idea of opening up their doors to the dogs, and if you’re ever in the Boston area, here are a few places where your pooch is welcome to tag (or wag) along.

Keep your pup happy this holiday season with these gifts.

For dog owners, this festive season would not be complete without a cold nose or wagging tail amid the holiday hustle. Whether our dogs are begging for a bite of Christmas cookie or enduring a few embarrassing photos in a…

Most pets and their two-legged companions don't have go to far to find great specialty pet boutiques in Richmond.

If you’re a dog owner, you know that your pet deserves only the best. Luckily, most pets and their two-legged companions don’t have to go far to find specialty groomers, bakeries and boutiques offering unique and high quality products that…

Our list of the top five apps for pet owners will keep your four-legged friends connected to the future of the pet set.

There’s a smartphone application for just about everything these days. Your collection of apps might help you keep up with the latest weather forecast, plan a trip or find a discount on your favorite local restaurant. But pet owners should…

Some of the best festivals in the nation are also pet-friendly.

If you’re a festival-goer but also a pet lover, chances are you’ve been disappointed in the past with the number of events that unfortunately aren’t okay with man’s best friend joining in the festivities. The good news is that you…

Austin, TX, has many trails and parks that dogs will love.

If you’re a pet owner, you know that some of the most rewarding experiences can be had when you travel with your pet. So read on to discover our list of the top five cities to visit with your pet. Seattle If you and your pet love the outdoors and historical points of interest, you’ll love knowing that Seattle is vibrant and full of things to do for pets and their owners. And this city’s residents have a devoted love for animals, making it one of the most pet-friendly cities in the United States.

pet fees explained

Our pets are valuable members of our families. We’re willing to search high and low for pet-friendly apartments and we accept that it may cost a little bit extra. Many states lack specific statutes regulating pet fees, so what — and whether — to charge is at the discretion of your landlord or property manager. This could lead to confusion and questions such as ‘are pet deposits refundable?’ and ‘does pet rent cover more than one pet?’ Here are three types of fees you might encounter when renting with a pet.

Apartment Guide Moving Checklist

Moving can be an incredibly stressful time, as you pack, move and unpack your belongings. What makes the whole experience more stressful, however, is being unprepared. Really, moving should be exciting-- after all, you're getting a whole new place just…