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How To Walk A Dog In Your Apartment Community

Even things that should be simple, like going on a daily walk, can become complicated in an apartment environment. With that in mind, if you're considering adopting a pup (or you and Fido already live together), here's how to walk a dog in your apartment community.

Whether you're struggling with a dog that can't avoid the mud or a cat that has a love-hate relationship with the litter box, you'll need to put in hard work to remove their traces. Here are some cleaning tasks you can do to de-pet your apartment and make sure you get your deposit back, despite whatever your four-legged pals have attempted to destroy:

Your cat rules the roost. (We dare you to deny it!) What kind of roost have you prepared for your favorite pet? If lions are King of the Jungle, then your apartment cat certainly deserves the royal treatment. They need the perfect perch from which to rule her kingdom with seeming disdain and that particular feline authority. Here are some tips to help you catify your crib, creating a cat wonderland that will leave your royal highness purring 24/7!

Here at Apartment Guide, we know that renters absolutely adore their pets. In fact, apartment communities that welcome pets is a popular amenity on our website. But as we gradually shift into moving season, there’s something you should know: pet-friendly apartments are not the same thing as apartments that allow pets. Here’s the difference:

Frightened feral cat peering out

While amazingly resilient, feral cats are susceptible to attacks, exposure, hunger or injury. Many feral cats are not spayed or neutered, meaning they can breed generations of additional kittens creating a colony situation. So what can you do if you spot a potential feral cat issue?

When pet parents decide to go their separate ways, it’s important to find a custody solution for pets that will satisfy everyone affected – especially Fido and Fluffy. Read on for a look at ideas on how to handle pet custody after a break-up.

happy dog

If you're living in a compact space with your furry friend, or you're considering adopting a dog while living in a little studio or one-bedroom place, here are some important tips for keeping dogs content in your apartment. Video is included!