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Is packing up your apartment NOT your idea of a fun time? It is surely not at the top of many lists of favorite activities. When you break packing down into manageable pieces day by day, however, it tends to progress more easily. Make your list of the day – each day! -- for what to pack up in your apartment. Apply this strategy to your efforts, and moving can be a breeze -- or at least less stressful!

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donate-Africa Studio-edited Standing in your apartment, you might assume that you’ll need to pack up everything in a truck when moving. You’d be wrong! There are many things items that you should keep with you, or not move, such as some hazardous chemicals. Here are some guidelines on what not to move.

Gather together all the things you will need in your new home immediately in one place: your priority box!
Get your moving priorities straight, so you can have a relaxing first night in your new apartment. One of the niftiest packing tips to make your move easier is to create a priority box that is loaded with items you’ll need the night you move in and the morning after. Build this box into your moving plan to ensure an easy move with much less stress. Consider these items to include in your priority box(es):

You can use your moving boxes for productive purposes in ways that might surprise you. We’ll show you how.

You can use your moving boxes for productive purposes after your move.
Pause a moment before you collapse that moving box for recycling! You could easily extend a box's life by reusing it for a productive purpose. We share some ideas that might surprise you.


For me, packing for a move has historically consisted of half-full cardboard boxes, clothes strewn about, and the ensuing tears of stress. In fact, it wasn't until my last couple of moves that I really got an organizational system figured…

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Moving? Purge Your Stuff... Keep Only What You Love!

It’s normal to feel attached to your possessions. Try as you might to think that your stuff is just stuff, it’s not — there’s a psychological reason why everything you collect in life means so much. As a result, it can be difficult and even overwhelming to pack up for a move. We’re sharing some helpful psychology to help you understand your attachment to the things you own and perhaps help improve the mood of your move.