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Tips for Subletting an Apartment

Subletting is a unique renting situation in that you'll only be in the apartment for a few months instead of the whole lease term. As such, the etiquette and rules for subletting are different than signing a lease for a…

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you must have survived your big move. So, what’s next?

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Before you conquer your new town, you’ve got an apartment full of boxes to tame – and a new apartment and neighborhood to make your own.

Once the movers bring all of your belongings to your new apartment, you still have some important details to sort through before you can truly feel at home.

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Here's a motivating thought: when the work is done, you can really enjoy your new home! Follow this post-move checklist for tips on how to settle in to your space.

Whether you've rented one or more apartments over the years, it’s likely that your space has amassed the look and feel of a juvenile dormitory. You know exactly what we mean – the chemistry textbook holding up one leg of the card table in the kitchen. Or maybe you have a milk crate that doubles as an ottoman or DVD storage bin in the living room. It’s time to step up your apartment living swag and take your space from dorm room drab to totally boss. Find your perfect apartment now! So, how exactly do you make that happen?

As you search for an apartment community, remember to keep neighborhood conveniences in mind.

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You will likely factor available services into your final decision. Here are some ways to find an apartment community located near the conveniences you value.

When you move into your new apartment, it may take a few days or even a few weeks to get your bearings and really learn your way around.

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Where is the best place for grocery shopping? How can you find a dependable dry cleaner or the pharmacy that will give you the best service? Which direction should you head for the tastiest Chinese take-out? These and other questions will set you on a search to get to know your new neighborhood. Check out these tips to help you find your way and feel at home fast.

At this point, you've checked off most of the items on your moving checklist, which means you're just about ready to get your new keys. Congratulations! ... But you're not quite done yet. You still need to know what to do before moving in. Before you load the truck, click on the infographic to check out our suggestions of things to do before getting settled into your new apartment. Accomplishing these things before you move your stuff in will make the process go smoother and you'll be more comfortable instantly in your new home. And remember to inform these contacts of your new address.