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fair housing act

The Fair Housing Act protects tenants from discrimination by landlords and property managers. But who’s protected and is it really enforceable?

co-signing companies

If you have bad credit, co-signing companies may be a way you can get into an apartment. Apartment Guide breaks down exactly what co-signing companies do and if one is right for you.

section 42 housing

I’m one of those people that seriously lucked into my current apartment at just the right time. There was an opening and I was looking, so it was obviously a match made in heaven. I’m in a very hot neighborhood…

how to find section 8 housing

Finding an apartment or a house for rent that accepts Section 8, can make an already stressful hunt that much more difficult. Relax, here’s what you need to know about the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Section…

Apartment hunting disability

Finding an apartment that's accessible and comfortable is more challenging for disabled apartment hunters and their network of support. But with a clear idea of what's needed in an apartment and nearby, the task is easier.

Qualify for Low Income Housing

In tough economic times, paying rent can be a struggle. However, did you know that there are government programs designed to help those who need low-income housing? People with lower incomes, senior citizens and people with disabilities may qualify for…