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We all have bad habits. Some of us stay up a bit too late each night. Others work too much or snack when they aren't hungry (guilty!). Some bad habits are small and relatively harmless, while others can affect your…

Living a healthy lifestyle starts with what you eat. Many people transforming their diets look to natural or organic foods, particularly produce. Fruits and veggies are packed with nutrients and contribute to your well-being, so it's good that you're interested…

Moving yourself might seem like no big deal, but is it really worth the trouble? A do-it-yourself move basically requires renting (and driving!) a moving truck, packing your possessions, loading the truck, and then unloading everything at your new home. [find-an-apartment] The experience can be both mentally and physically stressful. It’s not an undertaking to be taken lightly. You have move options. If you are able and willing to spend more money on the move, you can hire a moving company to handle much of the stress and strain of the experience. Which is right for you? Here’s a quick way to weigh your options and think through the details before you make your next move.

[find-an-apartment] Moving costs can throw a wrench in your budget if you don’t know what to expect. Luckily, there are straightforward ways to estimate how much it’s going to cost you to pack up and move out. Learn how to consider moving costs in a few different ways with these tips.

Do you love moving? Though moving takes effort, many people love the challenge and look forward to an opportunity to start over. If you have moved, you may have realized that these challenges can turn into advantages. [find-an-apartment] Let’s take a look at the positive aspects of making a move. Here are eight great reasons to be psyched about a new space.

A bed is one item that's worth spending a little extra on. Your back will thank you. Image: Oro Valley-The Golf Villas at Oro Valley, AZ
A bed is one item that's worth spending a little extra on. Your back will thank you. Image: Oro Valley-The Golf Villas at Oro Valley, AZ

When you rent an apartment, rather than buying a place, it can save you a lot of money. However, if that apartment isn't furnished — as few apartments are — you'll soon find yourself with a list of extra things that you have to buy in order to turn your new place into a proper home.

Buying everything at once can be overwhelming (not to mention a strain on your bank account), but you can get away with skimping on certain things. However, you should spend the money on other items so you don't have pay to replace them a few months later.

So which things can you save on, and for which apartment items should you spend a little extra? Let’s break it down.

Get ready for tax season with the right documents and professionals to help you.
Get ready for tax season with the right documents and professionals to help you.
At the beginning of a new calendar year, it means tax time for the previous year is right around the corner. Whether you wait until April 15 to file or prefer to do everything in advance, the whole process will be so much easier if you're prepared when the deadline rolls around. Better yet, have everything together and beat the rush at your accountant’s office and the post office, and vow to file your taxes in advance this year. You’ll still have until April 15 to pay them. To prepare for tax time, follow the steps below to make sure the only surprise at tax time is how much of a refund you’ll receive.

Apartments can be some of the most difficult spaces to decorate. For one, you’re dealing with a limited amount of space, so a lot of thought must go into choosing pieces that are space-appropriate. Some units are shared and owned by someone else, so you might not have the creative freedom that you had hoped. Not to mention that, oftentimes, the costs incurred to decorate a living space can be astronomical. If you’ve ever moved into an apartment with the fear of not knowing how to make the space your own, or not being able to afford to, fret no more. [find-an-apartment] With a little imagination and a little cash flow, you’ll be well on your way to cultivating a true budget-friendly design sense. Read on to find out our tips on how to decorate your apartment on a dime.

Without spending a lot of money, your apartment can look like it was featured in a design magazine. Especially with the success of DIY sites like, interest in cottage and vintage décor styles and penny-pinching due to the economy, more people are looking around their homes and flea markets for inspiration on how to improve their surroundings. [find-an-apartment] Frugal décor ideas are plentiful online, but here are a few art, accent piece and furniture ideas to get you started.