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It's easy to see why open floor plans are so loved.  Done well these spaces are bright and airy, and they feel casual and contemporary - perfect for family living! But this doesn’t mean these spaces are easy to decorate. Open concept layouts have a tendency to look messy, mismatched, and disorganized.  Sound familiar? You can achieve a beautifully decorated and stylish open concept home with these simple steps.

Thrillist essential restaurants 2017

Thrillist recently published its Top 50 Essential Restaurants Every American Should Visit list – a treasure trove of American dining experiences that you should make sure to add to that ever-growing must-eat list. While you might think this means a list of high-end, totally out-of-budget restaurants, you’d be wrong. While some are expensive, many fall into the “sandwich you can’t miss” or “to-die-for BBQ” categories.

Whether it’s a token for the season or “welcome to the neighborhood” timing, a small gift given in friendship can create warm feelings between neighbors, especially at this time of the year. Check out these ideas about gifting for your good neighbors!

Most of us want to make our living spaces inviting and comfortable, but what exactly does it mean to make a room warm? If you’re not sure, we’re here to help. By making a few adjustments to a room’s color scheme, lighting, furniture arrangement, and decorative accessories, you can change the mood and atmosphere of the room completely. Here are some tips to make your apartment feel warm and cozy.

Unfortunately, it's rarely possible to find the perfect apartment. That's why it's so important to prioritize when apartment hunting based on what's most important to you. Usually, that just means sacrificing a bit of storage space for an apartment that's…

Have you ever wondered why a certain room color makes you relaxed or agitated? Or why you are always drawn to your favorite color, time and time again? Read on to find out more about the powerful effects of color on a person. You can make your own apartment peaceful when you know the colors of your own mind!

If you are planning to host a Thanksgiving meal in your apartment this season, get creative with a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner that will surprise your guests and cater to family and friends with special food preferences.