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Living in an apartment, you might think you're limited in decorating. Sure, you can't paint on the walls unless you're willing to forfeit your security deposit, but that doesn't mean your place has to be drab and dreary-- quite the opposite, actually. By snatching…

Avoid flower shock by keeping in mind these tips and tricks for doing floral decor.
With temperatures rising all across the nation, it couldn’t be any clearer that spring is officially here. Warmer weather means longer days and the chance to get outside for the first time after a cold, lengthy winter. If you’re on top of your game, you’ve most likely done your spring cleaning already, which means that your home might be ready for a makeover. You might find yourself wanting to commemorate the coming of spring in your interior décor, too.
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Decorating with florals is a hot new trend, but it’s tricky to master the art of floral décor without overdoing it. Luckily, with a few tips and tricks and keeping in mind some things to avoid, you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate florals into your room’s existing décor.