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WiFi Cell Service

Using Wi-Fi with your phone will allow you to browse the internet and use most of your apps without needing better cell reception because Wi-Fi does not require a cellular signal. Additionally, if your phone service charges for using above a certain amount of data per month, using Wi-Fi does not count towards your data plan.

smart home tech

Here, we'll take a look at how you can outfit your apartment with smart essentials to make renting significantly more convenient and safe. Smart plugs are an inexpensive, easy way to integrate smart home tech into your rental. These devices allow you to remotely control anything that plugs into a wall socket — all with a tap of your finger on your smartphone or tablet. At home, you can even use your smart speaker to activate smart plugs with a voice command.

working remotely

In many industries, working remotely from your apartment rental has become quite common. Many of the advantages are undeniable, especially when living in a big city. You don’t have to get up early to face a long commute to the office via congested interstates or embark on the hustle and bustle of mass transit. You don’t have to worry about skipping breakfast or packing a lunch. You don’t even have to get dressed! All you have to do is walk a few steps across your apartment rental to your home office. However, a major challenge of working from home is the ability to focus and prioritize. We've put together five tips to improve your productivity while working at home!

When your stomach is grumbling, you may not feel inclined to debate dining plans. But if you are new to a city or have found an apartment in a different part of town, you might not know just where to indulge your taste buds. [find-an-apartment] Why not hop on the Internet and check out the food scene in your town with online guides and apps, like these fabulous foodie finders?

Maintaining a neat and orderly home office can be a challenge. A home office can easily become a catch-all for the rest of your home's clutter. Next thing you know, you can't find that bill that must be paid, or last year's tax returns. [find-an-apartment] But with these simple tips and a little effort, you can create and maintain a neat and orderly home office.

local library

Your local public library is much more than a great place for books. It can save you big bucks, help you with a career or education transition, and even hosts many activities for kids, teens, and adults. Here are the reasons to check out the library near your apartment.

The Boulders Apartments in Reno, NV
The Boulders Apartments in Reno, NV
How your home office is designed can affect the amount and quality of work you complete in it. If you decorate the room with productivity in mind, chances are you’ll be successful in it. First, consider the location of your home office in your house. Place it as far away from distractive or noisy areas, such as the kitchen and family room, as you can. Try to not place it near the master bedroom, as you’ll want the two to be separate living spaces entirely. [find-an-apartment] Once you have selected the space for your home office, choose a wall color that is calming and encourages thinking and organization. Clean neutrals such as cream, off-white and light taupe create a perfect nearly blank canvas for you to think in. Cool blues, sage green and gray are pleasing to the eye and enhance perception. Even darker or brighter blues encourage concentration, and browns and more neutral, less bold orange shades provide a sense of calm. Next, select the furniture and décor for your home office and decide where they will go in the room. Keep art and accessories simple and uncluttered, as they’ll be a major distraction otherwise. Add a couple of plants in the room to encourage clearer air in which to think.  If you don’t know where to start, here are home office décor suggestions for the major pieces:

Securing your personal information is more important than ever before, and it can start with something as simple as ensuring that your apartment’s wifi password security, as well as your other passwords, are strong enough. But how do you create a secure password?