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You’re in the homestretch. The holiday season halfway over. You've almost made it. All you have to do is get through the end of December. You love your family dearly, we know that. But sitting around the fireplace and pretending to be excited about grandma’s hand-knit holiday sweater that you technically only have 15 more hours to wear isn't exactly your idea of a joyous holiday.

Not only that, the people you have to deal with are a pain! But they’re your family, so slap on a smile and read on to find out how to deal with your most difficult relatives over the next couple of weeks.

apartment olympics

Break out the Team USA gear – the Winter Olympics are here! Starting today in Sochi, Russia, athletes from all over the world will come together in peaceful competition to see who deserves to stand atop a podium adorned with a medal. (The Opening Ceremonies air tonight on NBC, beginning at 7:30 EST. Competition begins Friday.) Sure, these athletes have spent the better parts of their lives striving to compete in the Games – countless hours have been spent practicing, training, and perfecting their skills. We’re in awe of them, but we also want to have a little fun of our own while we watch the competition. So why not celebrate by holding a mini-Olympics in your apartment? These games involve ordinary household items and won’t damage your space or, more importantly, you. Make some fake medals, invite some friends over, and see who wins gold.

There's nothing worse than being a broke foodie. However, just because you're not tapped into a huge bank account doesn't mean you can't enjoy good food. Through careful planning and some creativity, meal planning can let you eat much better…

Today, we stay connected via social networks and smartphones. But not everyone uses modern technology for the same reason. In fact, men mostly use technology for email, entertainment and news. Women use technology more to stay socially connected, using sites…

With the busy holiday season around the corner, it’s easy to say you’re too busy to hit the gym. But with all of the get-togethers, celebrations and potlucks, getting in a quick workout may be beneficial. Use objects around your…