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guest room needs

Have you ever spent a night in your own guest room? You'll quickly realize what's missing or inadequate if you do, and we highly recommend this course of action. Either way, here's a handy list of 10 items every guest room needs.

Overeating in your apartment?

Chicken leg in bed? Messy, messy!
Has late-night snacking at home in your apartment become the norm, rather than the exception? We offer suggestions to help you curb after-hours eating.
Are evening hours a dangerous time for your diet? Has after-hours snacking at home in your apartment become the norm, rather than the exception? Eating behaviors can be some of the most challenging to change. For many of us who relate to the pleasures of food, it’s a long road. Failure, at times, is all but a guarantee. This is true of my personal experience. I can’t say that I have successfully engaged any of the behavioral suggestions that follow for any length of time, though all have worked for me in moments. [find-an-apartment] Snacking success comes on a sliding scale. You’ll win some, and you’ll lose some. Think of snack control as a mental exercise, in addition to a physical one. You can hone how you think, especially when you understand why you eat when you do. Think about why you like to snack in the evening, and consider these tips to keep your mind off-menu.

what you need for a party

Whether you like to attend social events, host them yourself - or both! - it's a good idea to keep some things on hand at all times. That way, you don't have to run out to the store just because you've accepted a last-minute invitation or invited someone over. Here's a short list of items to keep in your cabinets, pantry or fridge.

Tom Brady

With yet another Superbowl title hanging in the balance, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is feeling the hopes of football fans across America. And as you get ready for the big event - nachos or wings? - we found ourselves wondering about Brady's preferences for watching a game himself.

super host for super bowl

Whether you’re rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles or New England Patriots this year, or you love the commercials and half-time show, a Super Bowl party is a great reason to invite friends over and show off your place and your hosting skills.

Living a healthy lifestyle starts with what you eat. Many people transforming their diets look to natural or organic foods, particularly produce. Fruits and veggies are packed with nutrients and contribute to your well-being, so it's good that you're interested…

Have you ever felt lonely, unhappy or out of place? Even the happiest and most well adjusted of people can experience loneliness from time to time due to a variety of factors, so you are not alone. In honor of…

Hosting a game night is a great way to meet your neighbors, get to know your friends or coworkers better or bring your family closer together for one night a week or month. You could also find out critical personality traits from a romantic interest – you can learn a lot about a person by how they act when they’re competing. [find-an-apartment] Whatever your reason for hosting game night, the best part is that you don’t need to decorate for it or send out invitations – a clean house is all you need to host a rowdy bunch of friends or a quiet group of coworkers. As for the next steps, read below for tips on how to host a game night that will ensure everyone has a good time.

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day is Feb. 14. Every year, couples around the world come together and partake in romantic dinners and display grand gestures of love. But what if you’re happily (or not so happily) single. [find-an-apartment] Don’t fret, because there’s a special day for you, too. While couples give and receive chocolates, flowers and stuffed bears and blissfully stare into each other’s eyes, those without a significant other can get together on Singles Awareness Day and celebrate the freedom and independence of being unattached. Here are a few ways to celebrate this day of self love in your apartment.