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DIY Security Tips can prvent burglars

While your landlord will make sure there is a certain level of security, there are some DIY security tips steps you can use to protect your valuables and personal items and make sure your apartment is as safe as possible. If you’re concerned about shelling out hundreds of dollars to keep your apartment safe, rest assured: these are simple, inexpensive ways to protect yourself and your home.

8 Quick and Easy Closet Upgrades

Is your closet a wasteland of clothes you haven't worn in years and piles upon piles of shoes, handbags, scarves, and more? If so, it might be time for an upgrade-- if only to make it easier to find your…

7 Shower Upgrades Renters Can Make

As most renters know, there are only so many upgrades you can make to your apartment without your landlord getting a little miffed (if not very angry). They own the apartment, after all, so they should have a say in…