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Driving around during the spring means you’ll spot lots of gorgeous and colorful flowers that create beautiful curb appeal for homes. Don’t let living in an apartment discourage you if you’re feeling inspired to plant your own flowers. Grow an indoor garden using mason jars or use hanging pots to show off your pretty flowers on your porch. Another idea is to use a window box to add character to your apartment. Get started with these pointers and tips.

Longtime apartment dwellers from D.C. to Atlanta, Miami to Houston know more about outdoor humidity than they’d care to. Summertime in the East brings sweltering temps and sticky situations. What’s less often considered, however, is your home’s ideal indoor humidity.

Everyone’s got an opinion on “Real vs. Fake” debate. Many people love the scent of pine from a real tree. Others can’t stand stepping on pine needles for the next few months. When it comes to real vs. fake, which one is more eco-friendly? Is it the fake tree that can be reused for years, or is it the naturally grown tree?

If you’re like us, you’re enjoying planting flowers and putting away your heavy sweaters as winter gives way to spring. The warmer weather is always welcome – until it gets too hot, that is. Summer’s not far off, and with it will come soaring temperatures that can leave you uncomfortable in your apartment. You can’t stop the weather, but you can prepare your home ahead of time so those sweltering days don’t bother you too much. Here’s how to ensure you’ll be cool as a cucumber when the heat hits.

Indoor herb gardens are a dime a dozen, but you’ll be the talk of the community if you have an indoor spice garden instead. They’re perfect for growing in the winter because they love heat, though you’ll need an artificial light source to provide plenty of fake sunlight. Just like herb gardens, they need to be watered and pruned regularly, but the rest is a snap when you know what to do.

It’s easier than you think to grow strawberries on your apartment porch because they love a container garden environment. Just grab these essential ingredients and you’ll be ready to start a strawberry patch at home.

We understand that your place might never be spotless from top to bottom. And honestly, who has time for that? But if you’re focused on doing at least a little tidying up before the in-laws make their debut, here are some crafty and creative ways to quickly get your pad in better shape.

Not only are the following five green cleaning products good for your health and your home’s cleanliness, but they also cost way less to keep on hand than commercial cleaners. Ready to start scrubbing? Read on to learn about the only five weapons you’ll need in your cleaning arsenal:

If your apartment bathroom is small enough to make you claustrophobic, no one blames you for struggling with storage. But don’t tear your hair out just yet - there are many ways to store all the things you need in your little loo; you just have to get creative.