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Useful Coffee Scrub

National Coffee Day is happening on September 29th and coffee lovers everywhere are rejoicing and heading to all kinds of shops to find free or discounted coffee. But what about the rest of the year when coffee isn’t so celebrated?…

Ever find yourself green with envy at other people's gardens? No matter how small the space, growing your own is easy when you use containers. Even the smallest of apartments can grow herbs, fruits, veggies and flowers with a little…

balcony garden

Create a tranquil and attractive balcony garden this summer with the right flowers and plants in your containers. Here’s the breakdown on what you’ll need for planting; how to keep your plants healthy; and which plants to choose for a beautiful display.

From your cable and Internet bill to utilities like heat and electricity, there are a lot of costs that must be added into your monthly budget (as I discovered upon moving into my first apartment). There are always ways, however, of…

In an effort to create a more sustainable Greenville, the city has adopted the Trails & Greenways Master Plan.

Looking for an environmentally-conscious city in South Carolina? Then Greenville might be the right city for you to call home. As the sixth largest city in South Carolina, Greenville is growing and offers a thriving downtown. With mild winters and gorgeous warm summers, it’s no surprise that many want to call Greenville home.

home herb garden

Fresh herbs make great recipes taste even better. However, buying those tiny little packs at the supermarket can really burn a hole in your wallet, particularly if you like using them regularly. Stop throwing your money away. Even in the smallest apartment, you can easily have a home herb garden. Here are 5 herbs to grow at home.

urban cycling for city transportation

There’s a new focus on biking in many cities. And you might say the experience is as familiar as, well, riding a bike. Cities across the nation are embracing green transportation options, and one of those is perhaps the greenest of them all. Bicycles allow city-dwellers to get around with relative ease, as long as they are energetic and careful – and all without burning fossil fuels. This tried, true and tested mode of getting around – ok, it’s a little tiring, too -- just might revolutionize cityscapes. [find-an-apartment]