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Are you noticing a few things in your apartment that need attention or repairs? A porch light that’s out? A shower that trickles? A toilet that runs? A big perk of renting is your limited responsibility when it comes to apartment maintenance. But, what maintenance does management cover?

A bed is one item that's worth spending a little extra on. Your back will thank you. Image: Oro Valley-The Golf Villas at Oro Valley, AZ
A bed is one item that's worth spending a little extra on. Your back will thank you. Image: Oro Valley-The Golf Villas at Oro Valley, AZ

When you rent an apartment, rather than buying a place, it can save you a lot of money. However, if that apartment isn't furnished — as few apartments are — you'll soon find yourself with a list of extra things that you have to buy in order to turn your new place into a proper home.

Buying everything at once can be overwhelming (not to mention a strain on your bank account), but you can get away with skimping on certain things. However, you should spend the money on other items so you don't have pay to replace them a few months later.

So which things can you save on, and for which apartment items should you spend a little extra? Let’s break it down.

Kitchen Tools

Some kitchens are an unorganized mess of gadgets, utensils and home appliances, but yours doesn’t have to be. You don’t need a juicer unless you’re pouring yourself big glasses of fresh orange juice every day; otherwise you can just squeeze the juice out of a citrus fruit yourself. A garlic press is unnecessary if you have a microplane, which doubles as a zester and grater for hard cheeses. [find-an-apartment] You only need 16 gadgets to make virtually every meal you run across in any cookbook. Simplify your life in 2011 by clearing out the clutter in your kitchen and keeping only the utensils and gadgets you absolutely need, listed and explained below.

[find-an-apartment] You don’t have to spend a fortune to outfit your guest bedroom; instead, opt for a few fresh, affordable pieces to make your guests feel at home when they visit. The rest is all about hospitality – i.e., how you make them feel while they’re staying in your house. In addition to the suggestions below, show your guests where to find everything they’ll need – water glasses, extra towels and coffee mugs – so they don’t have to look through all of your cabinets.

Part of the fun of setting up a new place is that you get to use the space as a blank canvas to work with. And the sooner you put your stamp on that canvas, the quicker you'll feel like you're really at home. [find-an-apartment] With that in mind, here are a few unpacking tips to help you get settled in a flash.

Good health starts at home. But do you know how to set up a living space that encourages a healthy lifestyle? [find-an-apartment] The definition of a healthy home is a little different for everyone, but here are some apartment living tips to set you on the right track.

Cigarette smoking is still a very common habit in the U.S. According to the latest findings from the American Lung Association nearly 50 million adults over age 18 are smokers.

So what does this have to do with you?


Whether it’s summertime, the holidays or spring break, it’s likely that you’ll welcome visitors into your apartment. Whether they’re staying for a day or a week, you may run into a very uncomfortable issue: how do you ask them not to smoke in your apartment?

You should not feel intimidated in your own home. Your house, your rules! If they can't deal with not being able to smoke inside, they can find somewhere else to crash.

If being blunt isn't your style, here's something to consider. Even if you've never lit up yourself, you would still be in harm’s way says the Centers for Disease Control. More than 40,000 people die from exposure to secondhand smoke each year.

So, what can you do?

In honor of Earth Day’s 40th anniversary April 22, Apartment Guide sat down with Ashley Caderet, author of green and frugal living blog “Our Little Apartment,” to get her thoughts on how everyone can live more environmentally friendly in their apartments or homes. Plus, there’s a bonus: In this down economy, anyone can benefit from Ashley’s money-saving, waste-less, live-simply tips. [find-an-apartment]

[find-an-apartment] Quick! You’ve got a houseguest arriving or a dinner party in an hour. How can you tackle a desperate speed clean in time? Don’t panic! Here are some cleaning tips to get your place looking perfectly presentable -- in a hurry.