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bike-friendly great cities for cycling

Whether you like to pedal around on city bike paths or log several miles a week in training, there are cities where you can pursue the passion of cycling within easy reach of your rental. Cycling for recreation and fitness has really…

Photo Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO

From wild fan theories to a wormhole of a website, HBO’s Westworld has become a global obsession. But while you’re busy trying to figure out the answer to “who is Arnold,” you might also wonder where Westworld is located. When…

americas most tech hungry for smartphones

When it comes to high-tech phones, you’d naturally assume that larger cities in the United States would be embracing big screen smartphones. Cities such as San Francisco, New York and the recently acknowledged marketing tech capitol Atlanta should surely be…

Ramen Noodle What To Eat

We're sure you've heard it all before. You've got this foodie friend who tells you that [fill in the blank] is all the rage They're probably right. But in the meantime, wouldn't it be good to get one up on…

tv apartments quiz 260p

Do you watch a lot of TV? It's OK; we won't judge you. In fact, you're our kind of person! We love to talk about our favorite shows all the time here at Apartment Guide. But how much do you pay attention to the TV apartments in the backgrounds of your favorite sitcoms? If you take Monica out of the picture, would you recognize the Friends apartment? How about the abodes you've seen in Seinfeld or How I Met Your Mother? If you think you know your TV apartments, take our quiz and see how big a fan you really are!


There's an Art to Dining AloneAll right, let’s get this out of the way, right up front. Dining alone in a restaurant is neither a shameful thing nor an experience to avoid. Maybe you've had an experience like Jason Segel in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." Sometimes a server does make a fuss, but, really, most are happy you're there -- if you are happy to be there, yourself. There’s an art to the solo dine. In the right frame of mind and with reasonable expectations, a solo diner can have a delicious experience. It helps if you like to eat, of course. These tidbits should help the reluctant learn from my own mistakes. Know thyself, dear diner, and feel free to enjoy a great meal, regardless of situational solitude!

football game

College Bowl Mania: 9 Games to WatchThe 2013-14 bowl season is well underway. Girlfriends and wives everywhere are rejoicing as football season slowly comes to an end. But it’s not over yet.

Here, we’ve listed some of the bigger games taking place over the next few days. Which school(s) are you rooting for?